Oh How We Miss Australia Zoo

We used to live in Glasshouse Mountains, actually that is where we were living when I jumped onto eBay and purchased our Motorhome!!! It was a house located so close to Australia Zoo, giving us the chance to have yearly Passes. I was working night shifts while David was being “Mr Mum”

I would come home from work and get a few hours sleep and then we would head to the Australia Zoo for the afternoon. A great way to explore different parts of the Zoo, and spend time seeing different animals….was also great because we never had to rush to see everything, and be everywhere at once.

Oh How We Miss Australia Zoo

The other day I came across photos of when my boys were younger, shorter and able to experience all of the Zoo! From the Pony Rides to the Jumping Castle and Tea Cup Rides- they knew that they were going to a place full of magical dreams.

We loved the Otters

Otters Is Where We Headed to First Every Time

When we walked through the gate the first animals we wanted to see was the Otters! They are so graceful in the water, yet there are so fierce in the way they behave. Would not like to get any bites from those super sharp Teeth!

Australia Tea Cup Ride

Cameron and Kyle sitting in the Tea Cup Ride

The Tea Cup Rides ~

Used to be There Favorite!!


Lizards Sunning themselves.

 All of our Boys Loved watching the Lizards ~

Sunning themselves on a Rock

kyle riding the ponies

Kyle going for a pony ride at the Zoo

Australia Zoo Animals

Camels were one of our favorite animals







Terri and Bindi at Australia Zoo

Terri working along side her Daughter Bindi

Many times we went to the Zoo over many years, around Bindi Irwin Birthday or even Robert Irwin Birthday! We even used to take our older two sons to Australia Zoo, creating lots of great memories. Providing lots of fun times and a great way to learn as we explore.

Kyle in the Crocoseum

Watching the Show in the Crocoseum

We Loved the Crocoseum ~

Watching many shows over the years!

baby goats

The Baby Animals were our favorites

The baby Animals were such a delight ~

mind you they were so very popular and so over feed by all of the kids!

water snake

Watching the Water Snakes

The Water Snakes Show ~

we were amazed every time how big the snake was, how it could move so gracefully through the water and how the handlers were brave enough to swim with the snake!

Kyle at Australia Zoo sitting in the crocodile

Crocodile Please Dont Eat Me!!

The Most Famous Crocodile Ever!

We have taken this photo with all five of our boys over the years!!

As I am sure many other families have done the same 🙂

Oh How We Miss Australia Zoo

Have You Been To Australia Zoo?

Location ::

1638 Steve Irwin Way
Beerwah, Qld, 4519

+ 61 (7) 5436 2000

Thanking you for following our Journey.



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