Once Again Thanking You

After our stay at Pomona Showgrounds we were invited to stay at David’s bosses house. If you ever need a service done on your van and you are in the Sunshine Coast area then I highly recommend that you drop into Suncoast Caravan Repairs.

Not only do they care about their customers, but they also care about their staff. In this day n age its hard to find a boss that really cares about their workers, and yet Jenny and Bruce do.

Actually they are the kindest bosses ever in Australia 🙂

If only we could find bosses like that here in Wollongong!

a litlle spot of paradise

Parked at a litlle spot of paradise

In the backyard they had kids heaven….its acreage with an old cubby house and bike tracks. Bike tracks that were up high – made out of fence pailings….not safe to walk on yet that didn’t stop our boys.

I wished I had taken a photo of walking through the long grass – I was asked by Cameron to have a look at what they had found. I was brave enough to walk through the long grass once, but I wasn’t game enough to go back a second time to take photos! All I could keep thinking about was “If you go down in the wood’s today you are in for a very nice surprise“….snakes, snakes and more snakes!

Didn’t stop our boys – they went in a few times!

Parked at Suncoast Caravan Services backyard

Parked at Suncoast Caravan Services backyard

While we were parked there Cameron and I were able to walk over to the Maze one day! Glad that I got to spend quality time with him exploring the gardens of the maze, and its given me an idea – to spend more one-on-one quality time with one of our boys in the near future. We usually got out as a family, or not at all….I have decided that it was a great day bonding, and I am all for more of that!

Great Garden Beds

Great Garden Beds – that was very dry until the rain came down!

The property is surrounded by Garden Beds – and while we were there it was the biggest dry spell they have ever had for sometime.

We were actually asked not to use our Choofer outside, or to light up at all…they were worried about the risk of fire to the property. Within less than a week later they were flooded…..actually if we were still parked there we would have been floating out of the driveway – maybe we should have built a boat!!!

Horse Paddock on the property

Horse Paddock on the property, that was so very dry

They normally have horses staying here, yet they were away at another property. After we left the horses returned, our boys were disappointed not to see them.

When the rain came (the floods!!) they had to take the horses out of the paddock….seeing the photos (via facebook) of the paddocks under water didnt seem real!! Glad the animals were safe.

They are located so close to everything….from an organic store that we love to buy products from, close enough to our friends who live at Eudlo, close enough to work (David was driving some distance from the showgrounds to work the week before!!) and handy to the beaches.

So wished we had another week on the Sunshine Coast cause we would have loved to meet up with more friends – so wished we had more time to drive to another family who owns a Motorhome (they came to see us and we would have loved to drive up to their place to check out their plans for there “New Life” renovations that are going to transform their bus into a home!)

The house that we were parked next to

The house that we were parked next to

And they even had a spa on the deck outside their door…..not sure why but I didn’t think to get photos of any of the inside!!

 Thanking you once again to “True Aussie” Spirit.

We are so very grateful for the place to park our Motorhome! Wished we could have stayed for longer but we had to be down south for Zachery…but I reckon that we will return up north one day, and I know that David would be so very happy to say Hi once again to such kind people.

Thanking you for following our journey.



New Life on the Road.

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