Our Homeschooling Journey

We have been homeschooling for some time now and when we first started out I was really into the “Book Work” but now that we have been on Our Homeschooling Journey for a couple of years we are more relaxed learners.

Sharing Our Journey

Its funny how we are all handed our child at Birth and yet we are not expected to teach them beyond school age? How come we are teaching them, loving them and being there for them when little – yet we are supposed to send them into the school system….if only I knew what I know now! There is no way I would have sent any of them into the school yard.

We are their Teachers. Full Stop.

We teach them to walk, we teach them to talk, we teach them be being with them 24/7….we sing to them, we read to them, we laugh with them and we cry with them. So why stop that Journey?

Kyle playing at the beach

Kyle learning through discovering

They learn the most in the first two years of life then they will ever learn – funny how much they can take in.

So no I did not do a teachers course, no I am not a Teacher. But I am their Parent and I know that I am capable of letting them learn about any subject in life that they want to learn.

The First Steps

When we pulled our boys out of school we went through a period of “Unschooling” ourselves and I am still going through the some of those stages…of letting go the Strict way of learning and letting it flow naturally. Some days I still have Panic Attacks and wonder if they are getting enough education, other days I tell myself to shut up, butt out and to trust them.

That is what it all comes down to – Trusting that they will learn through life. Trusting that their world will explode once they learn to read….

Cameron reads BIG novels – big thick books that would take me weeks but takes two days for him. He is 11 Years old and he was not reading until two years ago……we read to him and tried to get him to read to us.

One day he did – because he wanted to.

He also could never ever swim even with Lessons. Every single  year we got the question “Has he ever had a Water Scare” and every year we would tell his instructors “NO”

He used to have to have swimming aids on his back and arms {float’s} – then one day he took them off and he was able to swim….right across the Pool and he has never stopped since.

Again it was because he wanted to.

Kyle is 8 years old. He learns through exploring, through online Reading Eggs, through life….he reads words with us but again he is not interested in reading books by himself. He can count, and his Maths is way above his age group. Are we getting him to write in a Book? Not really….he rather would write on the White Board or in the Sand at the beach!

Or on pieces of Paper that he finds laying around in the Motorhome.

Ask Questions ::

At first we homeschooled back when we lived in a House, Back when we took out Nicholas and Cameron from school. Kyle was still too young – and we homeschooled for a year with doing our “Natural Learning” style. Then the following year both Boys went back to school without any issues. They were behind in some subjects, in front with others yet within the first term they were caught up with what was “Expected” from them.

When we did a year of homeschooling we had access to the Sunshine Coast Homeschoolers and we asked LOTS of questions from those that had years of experience. And it helped. It reassured us that our boys were going to survive just fine with homeschooling.

Styles ::

There are many different styles of homeschooling, and their are many different ways…..and for each family what works for some might not work for others….because what it really comes down to is this- what are you and your family comfortable with? What style works best for you is the one you will discover….

Which leads back to the same theory – TRUST yourself.

Trust you will find what style suits you.

Trust you will find what system you will be comfortable with.

Trust you will find a way to learn, discover, experience and grow through every day family life {style}

Trust that you will be enough for your children.

Cameron Homeschooling Journey

Cameron Learning through exploring the beach

Reach Out ::

To those that are already Homeschooling. We are so very grateful that we are in Wollongong – with so many other wonderful strong Homeschooling families. I have learnt so much from asking them questions, and again letting it go.

If I do have one of my panic attacks and I do try to do” School Book Work” then everyone in our Family stops learning and the tension runs high….

Once I get myself out of the way and I watch my boys I realise they are learning far more than I could ever teach them…they are learning about what is around them and its an amazing experience to see. And to be part of it.

They ask questions all of the time, and they seek the answers…through me, through David and through the Library. We also go to so many places where both of them are learning while having fun!! They don’t even realise they are learning 🙂

Resources ::

We use Homeschooling Supplies Australia and when we first started I used to turn to Beverly Paine Homeschooling website for hints/tips and to buy her books! Now days we are learning from life, from those around us and from those we connect with!  The library is also our best friend.

And exploring what we find as we travel. The other day we went down to Nowra Fleet Air Arm Museum…where they got to learn from all of the display’s information and they also had fun in a Simulator Helicopter.

Cameron and Kyle learning about Bondi Beach Marine Life

At the Bondi Beach Marine Discovery Centre


Discovery at a beach in the Wollongong Area

When we went to Bondi Beach they got to see what was in the ocean through the Marine Discovery Centre – and learn about Shark Eggs! Which we later go to see for real on a Beach in Wollongong area.

At the beach learning about the Shark Eggs

Kyle learnt about these Sharks Eggs the week before!

So Look Outside The Square…..

Our Homeschooling Journey changes, grows with our boys and is a source of “New Adventures” every day!

What Do You Like About Homeschooling?



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2 thoughts on “Our Homeschooling Journey

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  • January 31, 2015 at 11:14 am

    Thanks for your article, beautifully written.
    We’re just starting in our travelling journey with two boys 7 and 9. I’ve done what you must have at first, bought books from home schooling Australia. I’ve just got maths and English as I thought the other ‘stuff’ could happen along the way.
    It’s nice to hear that this definitely working.
    How do you ‘teach maths’ if not out of a book? I Really don’t know where to start with that one.
    Thanks so much for your article again


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