Our Life This Week With Our Family

Its been so full on lately…so much so that I was trying to work out what we have been doing all week, and I can’t even remember what we did on Monday?

Is that bad…not being able to remember what we have being doing every day this week? Our life in days, lets see if I can do this.

Lets see if I can remember what we have been doing so I can share Our Life This Week With Our Family!

What We Have Been Doing

This week has seem to gone by far too quickly – we have spent a lot of time sitting in the car. So I think that each day has blended into the other. It’s the last week for our older son before he returns to the navy, so we have been trying to spend as much time together.

Its funny but he has had four weeks to actually try to get his driving licence hours increased, yet its only been the last four days that he has used our car as much as possible.

Eating together

Our older son eating his favorite meal – Chicken Fettuccine

Cooked on the Choofer

~ It has a yummy smokey flavour!

To get his “P” plates he needs a 100 hours. I think that he is now about 67 hours – not too many to go..yet he can’t add any more hours down in Melbourne so he really needed to spend more time while he was home driving around.

Yesterday we worked out that he needed about 4 days of driving 8 hours each day to reach the 100 hour mark!

That is not happening….unless he wants to drive us all to down to Melbourne! Funny how he did not think about driving when he first got home?

Our Week

On Monday we posted our regular blog post – gosh did you see those amazing photos that came in from other travelling bloggers?

On Tuesday we were all up early and out the door before I was even awake. We dropped off David to his work, and then came home to pack up the car with water bottles, food, swimmers and sunscreen. Our older son decided to drive up to Noosa. After driving around for over 30 minutes and not being able to decide what we wanted to do, we headed back down to Coolum Beach.

Then at night time David cooked on his new choofer! He has always wanted one, and finally got to making it, and then cooking the must yummiest meal with it. He cooked spicy Vegetarian Chinese on Tuesday night.

Here is our family update…..

We had the best time at the beach – I was so silly. I did not think to get changed into my swimmers so I went into the surf in a gorgeous dress. Right up to my breast to save our younger son Kyle. He kept on walking out further and further into the surf…the waves were strong! I was screaming his name, but he could not hear me.

He had his eyes on reaching his older brothers – never mind that he couldn’t stand up by the time I was able to get to him 🙂 And no one around him thought to see if he was ok, nor help me with my screaming out his name. What has happened to our world so that we no longer help each other?

On Wednesday we escaped to the Library for a few hours. It was far too hot – and I did not want to spend the hottest part of the day in the sun. The library is brilliant for escaping to – lots of books to keep our boys busy as well as the air-conditioned feeling!

Wednesday night David cooked again. He cooked Chicken Fettuccine in the choofer. It had the most amazing smokey taste – almost like it was cooked with bacon. Yet it was mostly vegetarian.

Cooking on the choofer

Chicken Fettucine – Smokey flavour!

Yesterday – being Thursday – I drove to a great friend’s house. We hadn’t seen each other since January 2010 so it was so nice to catch up with each other. I love having a chat and coffee with another Mum….its the only thing that I do miss while living in our Motorhome!

Our Week

Jumping on a Trampoline – one of their favorite things to do!

Eating iceblocks with great friends,

after swimming – that is all that kids need!

Cameron visiting friends

Cameron – Loves this swing!

And the Icecream – we don’t normally let them eat ice-creams!

Today we are taking it easy. No early dash to take David to work. No need for the car. No rushing around and getting out the door – we are staying home to catch up on washing and housework. Not that cleaning takes up that much time 🙂

How Was Your Week?




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5 thoughts on “Our Life This Week With Our Family

  • January 13, 2012 at 2:30 pm

    Sounds like you had a great week with your family. It is so scary when the little ones go out too deep in the surf, they just have no fear. The air conditioned library sounds so nice right now.

    • January 18, 2012 at 11:30 pm

      Hi Jackie,

      It was a great time – yeah the beach was freaky!! Lukcy he was ok by the time I got to him 🙂


  • January 14, 2012 at 4:05 pm

    Hi Lisa, I can imagine how scared you were with Kyle disappearing out of depth in the waves. But the adrenalin kicks in and you just do what you have to do!
    We have had an amazing three days. My nephew and wife visited from Brisbane to introduce their identical twin 9 month old girls to our family. So good to have little ones around again. Takes a while to get used to the deja vu when looking from identical expression to the other! All back to normal now so I can pay attention to my blogging friends again!
    jan recently posted..WE WANT TO HOUSE-SIT AGAIN!

    • January 15, 2012 at 7:01 pm

      Hi Jan,

      That sounds like an amazing three days! How amazing to have identical twins – 9 months girls would be fantastic.

      Yeah it takes a little bit to get used to when they are little, but they are so worth it 🙂


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