Our New Backyard

We have found a place to stay! I have LOTS of blog posts to share about our journey of how we ended up in Wollongong, and why we are down here.

Sometime this weekend I will update from last week, but for now I want to share Our New Backyard. With the most amazing personal toilet/bathroom…its right next door to where we are parked, and it even has a warm heater for those cold night trips!

Our New Place to stay

Our New Place to stay

We spun out when we were told that we had our personal en-suite next to our Motorhome! In here is a Toilet/Shower and Basin!

Never had that before, makes it so nice not having to share a bathroom with others!

Set up already with our awning out

Set up already with our awning out

David set up the outside while Zachery and I were out.

I got back and set up the inside! It sure was a mess from travelling so many days, and trying to keep water usage down. Its weird that we never think about water until we only have three tanks to last a family of six people – we do have a shower head that has a water saving setting (which uses such little water) but its the washing of the endless dishes that we have that uses so much!

Travelling With Pets ::

As we travel our boys keep asking us for pets. Be it Dogs, Cats, or even guinea pigs. Our answer is that we have animals who adopt us for the time we are there, and we spoil them with food/love so we don’t really need our own pet.

Again that has happened to us here. Meet our new Neigbours/our new pets ::

Feeding the Rabbits

Feeding the Rabbits

In Queensland its illegal to keep Bunny Rabbits, mind you I am sure that plenty of people do have them as pets! So we are very surprised with how many are running around here! That saying “Breeding like Rabbits” sure does apply!

Feeding the Neighbours from their lunch.

Feeding the Neighbours from their lunch.

When the Sun comes out I will take a view of the water that we have! Our location is perfect – Beach, Fishing, Shops, Transport!

And our own bathroom….what more could we ask for!

Thanking you for sharing our journey.



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