Our New CamperVan

I must be very bad! I must be so very very bad because David has taken a leaf out of my books and has now purchased a Campervan on eBay without looking at it before buying it 🙂

Our New Campervan ::

Kyle looking in our new Campervan

Kyle Was So Super excited!

He Was Showing His New Friends ~

His New Van

Now all of our boys and family can’t blame me for this one! David looked at the listing, looked at the photos, asked the guy the questions and then at the very last minute placed a bid…so this one is not my fault!

Its not our ideal Campervan but we were running out of time, and it will do for the purpose that its needed for. It has five seat belts, and a mattress with a huge storage box in the back. It comes with tent, camping chairs, and picnic basket! Its not set up to sleep five but we already have ideas on a roof top tent to make that possible!

We need it to travel SLOWLY to Melbourne – we want to stop and check out as many places along the way. Oh that reminds me –

Where would you recommend we stop and check out?

We are travelling from Wollongong down the coastal way, which will take longer than the hi-way but we are so looking forward to seeing more of Australia.

Its also going to be used for nights away with Kyle, Cameron and I – travelling to other spots in New South Wales during the week and not having to worry about rushing home because its getting late and its dinner time. I am super excited about that idea – parking anywhere over night, waking up and cooking breakfast in a New Location each time….maybe at the beach, maybe in the country side – who knows where, who knows when! My style of travelling.

Its actually going to save my sanity while we have to be here in Wollongong area. I get to travel and explore, meeting new people, seeing new places and answering my craving of free camping. I also most likely will not have internet connection, so I will have lots to share each time I return back to the motorhome!

Hope to meet lots of people who we can connect with.

Hope to drive down lots of roads that are calling out to us.

Hope to discover new adventures.

Hope that this Campervan will do for the time being, if our needs ever change then we can on sell it to others who will also benefit from Our New Campervan.

Hope that David doesn’t take too long with his changes that he wants to make to it because as soon as we return to Melbourne I have lots of trips ready and waiting.

For the moment I am getting ready this week with our up coming trip. Both Cameron and Kyle have had their hair cuts, I am getting my hair done today, Clothes shopping is next and then onto packing.

We will be gone for two weeks without a washing machine so I am going to pack as many clothes as possible! We hope its warm enough down in Melbourne to enjoy the beaches, but if not never mind we have lots to see and do along the way.

Would love to hear from you…..

Where Do You Recommend We Stop Along The Way to Melbourne? Where Do You Recommend We Explore When We Get Back With Our New Campervan?




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