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You Came Home For The Weekend

Posted by on November 26, 2013

You Came Home for the weekend. It was so good to see you, hug you and hear your stories about your life. Loved having you home, loved having you close enough to hug and loved seeing.

You Are The Best You

Yes You Are Changed. And You are the best You can be. I have never seen you so happy, so confident inside and you have found your way.

Following your dreams. Following your heart.

Being where you are meant to be. And closer enough so that we can see you more often. I loved seeing you – your brothers loved seeing you and we had the best weekend.

Spending time together

Spending time on the Beach with you

 We Even Went For A Walk Along The Beach ~

And you took Photos with Your Camera While

I took Photos of YOU :)

Your Smile is Gorgeous

Your Smile makes me Smile

I Love Seeing Your Smile ~

Love Seeing You So Happy ~

Loved Seeing and Spending time with.

I have never seen Cameron so happy to see one of his Brothers ~ he jumped up and jumped into your arms when you walked into our Motohrome.

It was so good and you took lots of photos for me of the Christmas Party ::

Christmas Lunch

Kyle sitting down to Lunch

 Kyle was enjoying the Christmas Lunch

Cameron eating his Christmas Dinner

Cameron LOVED his Christmas Dinner

Cameron LOVES his Baked Dinners

Santa Claus arrives to the party

Santa Claus Arrives

Santa Claus Rocks On In ~

And one of our sons was the only one to guess who he was really was!!!

Cameron and Kyle helping Santa

Cameron and Kyle was asked to hand out their lollies

Because our boys decided to make up lolly bags, the Caravan Park Operators decided that they should be the ones to help Santa by handing them out to everyone.

To say they were over the moon is an under statement!!

Santa Claus giving a gift

Santa Gave Each Child A Gift

Santa Gave Cameron A Book ~

But he has already read it!!! Ops

Kyle shaking Santa Hand

Santa gave a gift to Kyle

Kyle was given a “Fishing Tackle Kit” ~

He LOVES to fish :)

A certificate of appreciation

Kyle and Cameron got a Certificate

The Caravan Park Operators Decided to Give Cameron and Kyle a Gift Certificate!

Handing out the lollies

Handing out the Lollies

They LOVED to give everyone a Lolly Bag

Excited to hand out the lollies

Super Excited

Giving out was something ~

both boys love to do.

Wished I had thought to take more Photos of our Second son over the weekend…but we were having too much fun!!

Loved how now TWO of my sons are following their dreams, following their true calling.

Loved seeing how happy they are!

Gosh its nearly Christmas Time….and we are able to spend time together…..all of us expect our oldest son. We are going to be spending time at our Oldest Sons Place so I guess we will “Feel” him instead of “Seeing” him.

Love HOW tall our boys are getting, much taller than me! Thanking you Second Woody Son for coming home for the weekend.

Are You Getting Excited About Christmas?



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3 Responses to You Came Home For The Weekend

  1. Jackie Stenhouse

    wow he has grown into a man in that short space of time. He looks fantastic and so happy he is happy

    • Lisa

      He sure has grown, and you are right – he has grown into a Man in such a short period of time. Will let him know your kind words xxx

  2. lisa | renovating italy

    Lisa you made me happy and smiling just reading this. Your boys are gorgeous and how sweet to make lolly bags and help Santa. I can’t imagine the day that our little boy will be a man, reading your stories always gives me a little glimpse into that day in the future xxx
    sending love and hugs to all xxx
    lisa | renovating italy recently posted..Winter in the Valley – first snowfall

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