Our Visit to Dreamworld and White Water World Goldcoast

 Yesterday we fulfilled a promise to our boys. I have always promised all of them (sorry that our oldest son wasn’t with us!) that we would take them to DreamWorld and White Water World. A promise that I have finally been able to say came true!

Along the way to the GoldCoast we had to stop. We didn’t have a camera that I could take good quality photos with (Our old one had recently been accidentally broken) so we stopped and picked up a really good deal. Will have more about that story another time 🙂

Our Visit To DreamWorld

We had been counting the days down till we could go. After our trip to Melbourne we woke up every morning and the first thing on our boys minds were “How Many Days Till We Go To DreamWorld and White Water World on the Gold Coast?”. Every day we had the biggest count down…only 7 more days, only 6 more days, only 5 more days and so on.

On Friday night our boys were so excited (well most of them!) that they could hardly sleep!

We knew that we had a two-hour trip ahead of us, so we tried to get out early. TRIED so hard! But we left 1/2 hour later than we hoped to and then with our Camera stop we were a bit late….arriving at 11:00am instead of 10:00am.

Better later than never (at least that is what we say to where ever we are going!)

Our Visit to dreamworld and White Water World Goldcoast

Our Amazing Visit To Dreamworld

Arriving To DreamWorld.

As we drove into the car park all we could see was a sea of rides. Colourful bright rides, excited boys, excited Mumma and Dadda ~ we were set. Once we worked out where we needed to be (which gate) and collected our Media kit, we headed in. Luckily one of our boys are smart, they grabbed a Map of DreamWorld and White Water World – so we could easily find our way around.

Our First Stop

To the Tigers we headed. Our youngest son Kyle loves animals. He even has a tiger poster on the end of his bed. So we headed there first! There is something magical about a tiger – they are so strong yet so gentle-looking, so powerful in their muscles, yet so relaxed when laying down.

Dreamworld Tigers

Tigers at the GoldCoast Dreamworld ~

How amazing strong they are to take their own weight!

We waited for the show to begin, and we were able to find a spot where David could take photos while I did a vlog. (video/blog). It sure was worth the wait!

After the Tigers preformed it was time to head to the rides….but which one first? Our younger two wanted a ride on the Dodgem Cars so that was our second stop. I went with Kyle and Cameron went on his own. It was good to chase each other down and bump into each other!

Then next was the Kite Flyer. A ride that lets you lay down, on your tummy with your head pointing forward, and then the cage closes over the top of you (not really a cage, but more of safety barrier!) It was funny…Nicholas, Cameron and Kyle went on this ride – once they were closed in we all joked, waved and said Bye! (We even joked that we need one of those inside of our bus!)

Dreamworld Goldcoast

Cameron, Kyle and Nicholas ride the Kite Flyer ~

time to head to something with lots of thrill!

It was an easy ride so it was time for some thrills. Well at least for our boys – I knew my role that day..and that was to take photos!

Our First Big Thrill Ride

Zachery decided to be brave and go on the Shockwave. While he was on their Cameron and Kyle decided to go on a ride called Reef Diver Dreamworld Shockwave

The Shockwave ~

Zachery is on the left hand side at the top with the Green T-shirt!

Dreamworld Goldcoast

Zachery on the Shockwave ~

the one with the green t-shirt…..looking away from the Camera!

Nicholas was so scared that he had yet to decide what ride to go on. He actually asked not to come with us because he was so scared of all of the rides…but that soon changed (I still can’t believe what he went on!)

Goldcoast DreamWorld and white water world

Gold Mine ~

We entered the Gold Rush!

Next we headed over the Buzz Saw. We all stood and watched that Ride. Not one of us was game enough to go forward and face our fears. We wandered around the “Gold Mine” section – and I finally found a ride we all could go on. While our boys were playing lock up in the jail I stood in line for the “Thunder River Rapid Ride”. Yep we could ride together, get wet together and scream together!


Cameron in the Lockup!

Thunder River Rapid Ride

David was brave enough to take photos as we were going down through the ride, and even managed to keep the brand new camera dry – warning – you will get very wet on this ride. Not sure why but David and I were the ones that got the wettest? He looked like he had wet himself (gosh I hope he doesn’t read this!) and I was like wet from the top of my dress to the bottom~ lucky I didn’t have a white t-shirt on!

 Thunder River Rapid RideWater Rapid Ride

Nicholas, Kyle, Cameron and I on the River Rapid ride !

Tower of Terror II

Nicholas relaxed on that ride. Soon we were heading to the Tower of Terror II ride. YEP he decided that he was going on that one…..I lined up with him, and we waited and waited and waited. David was with our other three boys – waiting for us. They decided that we were gone for so long so they headed back to the Dodgem Cars. Cameron and Kyle had their own cars that time – and I wished I was there to see it!

Dreamworld Goldcoast

Looking at that sign was enough for me!

Nicholas was brave 🙂

Soon Nicholas turn came up and he was taken through the door. I asked the lady (who was letting everyone in) if there was a way out for me as I didn’t want to go on the ride! I was only lining up with Nic for support – she let me through the same door. I scooted across the front of the ride, and out the door to the exit. Where I was able to stand behind a caged door and wait for Nic.

It seemed like seconds – one minute he was there in front of my eyes, the next second he was gone, then seconds later he was back again! The ride only takes 7 Seconds! Blow you away with that speed. He loved every second of it 🙂

Then it was time for Nic and I to find the others. We walked around the park twice – and still couldn’t find them.

Dreamworld Goldcoast

Cameron and Kyle ~

Riding the Avalanche while waiting for Nicholas to ride the Tower of Terror II

Rocky Hollow Log Ride

So Nic and I decided to go on the Log Ride. We figured that they were somewhere having fun, so we decided to have a go on one of the rides. Now this ride is cool – I mean that you will be cool asap. We got wet. From our head to our toes. Perfect way to stay cool in a hot summers day! I would have loved to go on that ride again but we still had to look for our other half of our family. Warning ~ Take all hats off on that ride because I lost my gorgeous pink hat!

Walking towards “Wiggle World” David called out to us!

Good to be back together.

Buzz Saw Ride

Next we headed back to the “Buzz Saw”. Now I am really proud to say that David talked to Cameron and they made a Pact together and both of them became brave enough to ride it!

I thought for sure that our baby Cameron would back out at the last minute…but an ice-cream treat was what kept him going forward…so yes David was my hero yesterday. And Cameron broke through a barrier of fear to go on the Buzz Saw ~ he now knows that he can do anything that he wants to!

Cameron and David on the Buzz Saw

Buzz Saw Ride ~

Cameron and David on this ride!

After the ride

Cameron after the Buzz Saw Ride!! ~

He loved every minute of it.

While I was waiting with Nicholas (and taking photos of our brave boys on Buzz Saw) Zachery took Kyle to the “Rocky Hollow Log Ride”.  They loved the fact that they could get wet while having fun.

We decided that was time to head over to White Water World. Have so much to share about that adventure…read here for more!

Our one treat to our boys were either a Boost Juice or Ice-Cream. Nicholas, David and I had boost juice. While Zachery and Cameron had ice-creams. Kyle decided to have an ice-cream on the way home because he was too keen to get into his swimmers and head over to White Water World.

The day was the most amazing experience for our family…..it was so good to relax and laugh with our boys! It was so perfect to see their smiling faces, and hear their screams of joy, excitement and fear. It was perfect to be a part of that experience.

Information about DreamWorld/White Water World at the Goldcoast:-

Location – Dreamworld Parkway, Coomera QLD

Opening Times – 10.00 am to 5.00 pm (hours vary depending on the time of year)

Prices – there are many different prices at all times of the year so its best to look at DreamWorld website!

 Hi-Lights of the Day – The thrilling rides that our boys pushed past boundaries to get the courage to ride

Best Part of our day – riding the Thunder River Rapid Ride together.  Well that was our family Hi-Light.

David Favorite – White Water World (will have more about that soon!)

Zachery Favorite – The Cyclone (will have more about that soon!)

Nicholas Favorite – The Tower of Terror II

Cameron Favorite – The Buzz Saw

Kyle Favorite – Reef Diver

Only one draw back – not having enough time to see it all! Dreamworld has that covered as well with a variety of pass options.

Which really is a positive as we cant wait to return! We would love to see the Woolshed, ride the train, hop on the boat ride and see the Australia Wildlife experience. Highly recommend that if you live near by to get seasonal passes so that you can explore when ever you want!

The experience at Dreamworld is one that we would love to do all over again 🙂

What is your favorite attraction at Dreamworld?





Please Note – That our visit to Dreamworld and White Water World was courtesy of DreamWorld Gold Coast Australia.

We send our hugest Thankyou for allowing our family to visit. It was the most amazing day ever. All thoughts, photos, expressions and recommendations are our own. We were not paid to say anything! But we do recommend the day highly 🙂

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    • February 6, 2012 at 7:56 am

      Hi Jan,

      Thanking you so much for your amazing feedback 🙂


    • February 6, 2012 at 9:05 pm

      Hi Kellie,

      We cant wait to do SeaWorld 😉 It would be so much fun…its on our bucket list!

      I agree – kids need to be a little bit older to really appreciate the experience.


    • February 7, 2012 at 12:20 pm

      Hi Steve,

      Our boys had so much fun! I loved every minute of the day – wished we could easily go whenever we wanted. If we lived close by we would have passes so that we can go whenever we wanted 🙂


  • February 7, 2012 at 7:02 pm

    We took the kids to dreamworld when they were quite young so we didn’t do the big rides. We loved the rapids and the log ride though and definitely the tigers. When I was about 18 I went about 4 times in a short space of time and the gold rush roller coaster was my favourite.
    Jackie Stenhouse recently posted..Valentines Day Decorations

    • July 25, 2013 at 4:46 pm

      It sure was a great day out, can’t wait to go back again another time 🙂

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  • February 8, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    I have never been to Dream World, even thought we did Tours to the Gold Coast.
    My grandchildren go there often, and cant wait for the next trip
    Rita recently posted..Valentine’s Day

    • February 8, 2012 at 9:44 pm

      Hi Rita,

      Its so much fun at Dream World – would love to go again 🙂
      Having a seasonal pass would be fantastic!


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