Healing Naturally

Guess what I said the other day? I said the words that came back and bit me on the bum big time! I said that “I never ever get sick” to a family member….within a week we were all sick. Yeah Murphy’s Laws came knocking, and it is still hanging around. I then said “And if we do get sick we know what to do to make it better”

Healing Naturally ::

Guess we all needed a week of slowing down, resting and healing Naturally and this past week is what we have done. It started with our 15 year old who came down with it and then he was “Kind enough to share it” – Yeah he coughed over everything in the Motorhome until then Cameron and Kyle came down with it, followed by me. It started off with a headache, then achy bones, sore throats, coughs and temperatures…..yeah it was a very strong virus.

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La Perouse

This past week we were in Sydney again, staying with our oldest son. Who is on the mend slowly {back pain and back issues are a tricky business, and his recovery is very slow}

While in Sydney ::

On the Monday night I took advantage of the fact that we had access to a oven! And cooked our boys favorite meal – Chicken Lasagna. Actually I would want an oven just for that meal!!

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In Sydney For The Week

We have been up in Sydney for the week. Its been a very long week but we would gladly do it all over again if need be. Our oldest son hurt his back in a Footy Tackle that went wrong, but didn’t actually show up his full injury until he was back at work. Its kinda of a good thing but not {if that makes sense?}

In Sydney For The Week ::

You see with being in Sydney we could help our older son as well as say goodbye to our second son! But more of that later….here is a few {too many} pics of our week in Sydney ::

Making Cupcakes on Tuesday ::

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Flying A Kite

The other day we had a homeschooling meet up where both boys got to make their own Kites. Learning about the best way to make a kite so that it can fly up high, with instructions given in an easy manner to understand by the Future World Teachers!

Along with the shape of the kite they had to work out the measurements, the angles, cutting and decorating….they both had to make sure that they had enough tail for the kite to stay up in the air. Luckily the day was really windy so it was perfect for it.

Flying A Kite ::

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Time Flys

Funny thing abut “Time” – you can’t freeze it, you can’t turn back time and you sure can’t buy it. I am not sure what is going on but I have been on a huge personal inner journey in the last few weeks…..and I have been doing a lot of soul searching {and a lot of healing along with a lot of crying}

You see I wished my life choices was different in certain areas of my life but I can’t turn back the time to make my life different. So I have been trying to take on board that statement

“If You Can’t Change The Situation, Change The Way You Think About It”

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Hypnotikadiet Weight And Mind

I am the biggest Juice/Smoothie junky out there! I would live on them if I could….and I love the gym. Yet it doesn’t seem to do much for my weight or the mind. So when I was asked to look at Hypnotikadiet Weight And Mind program I was curious, and excited to see what it was all about.

We use Hypnosis for our sons when they are not able to sleep at night time, and play different tracks for different needs for all of us – David has a huge library of Hypnosis downloaded onto our computer as well as on his phone. He gets them for a great price through a website, buying so many at once makes them way cheaper.

Yet I have never thought to use one for the Weight and Mind!

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Lake Tabourie New South Wales

On Sunday we took a drive down to Lake Tabourie New South Wales, to see where David used to go fishing/Camping way before he got married and had kids! We still can’t work out exactly how long ago that was but think it was about 22-23 years ago!

Lake Tabourie New South Wales ::

So glad we went on Sunday with the weather being so sunny and warm for the time of the year, and with the day staying so nice.

Lake Tabourie is a small village in the South Coast region of New South Wales, Australia and is within the City of Shoalhaven local government area.

Perfect spot for a day of fun


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Beach Project Hash Tag New Life on the Road

Today we froze on the Beach! But its our all time favorite place to be….even in the winter of Wollongong New South Wales. While Kyle was fishing I came up with this idea of everyone around the world getting together to share the sunshine/warmth.

Beach Project Hash Tag New Life on the Road

Here is my new crazy idea! As I was watching Kyle fishing I grabbed hold of his Knife and wrote in the Sand “New Life on the Road” – thinking about how the hashtag could travel around the world, and everyone could share the love! The Beach Project Hash Tag New Life on the Road idea is to share sunshine, connect with others and spread the love.

**** Don’t Have A Beach Where You Are? Then what about a Mountain Sunset or Forest Sunrise? Or….get creative!!! The aim is to see how many people can connect *****

YouTube Preview Image

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Free Camping Staying Warm In The Tent

If you know me you will know that I love Free Camping! Actually I have only just realised that I need to share our Favorite  Free Camping Spot in Victoria {thought I had shared it already but guess I forgot} – Will share that soon in another blog post.

But if do know me you will know that I like to stay warm when camping in a Tent, if I am not warm I will ditch the tent and go sleep in the Camper Van!! Yes I bailed one night when it got down below minus degrees, leaving David alone in the tent while climbing into the warmth created between Cameron and Kyle.

But I reckon you too would have ditched that night – it was freezing, it was so cold that it was snowing not far from where we were camping. And we hadn’t learnt a few tricks about keeping warm in the tent until that experience. So I guess you could say we were meant to be there to work out how to stay warm.

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Disney On Ice Treasure Trove

You know that following dreams is what I am all about….and what I need to get back on track with! Its been a dream of mine for some time to show our boys a bit of magic, and to share a bit of my favorite Disney Characters with them.

Disney On Ice Treasure Trove ::

When I heard that they were coming to Wollongong Entertainment Centre {WEC} it was perfect timing. Its like we are here in the area for a reason…and those reason keep coming in the form of meeting other liked minded homeschoolers, Birthday Parties and great places to explore.

At first I thought that I would be taking both the boys while David was at work, but actually he let me know that he wanted to go with us because he wanted to see the smiles on his boys faces….and they were smiling big time – from ear to ear especially when “Woody” came out with the “Toy Soldiers” and then when “Peter Pan” made his great entrance.

The show is suitable for all ages – from little kids to bigger kids ~ to even Adults.

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