Why I Took A Facebook Status Down

Yesterday I posted about my thoughts on the two sweet baby boys who lost their lives along with their own father taking their lives. I posted my thoughts on how such a senseless act has left a sweet Mama behind without her family.

I posted my thoughts on why so many Australian families are all suffering the same fate – and how our world has changed and why its happening.

Today I woke up to see such hurtful comments about my thoughts that I took down the Facebook Status because I don’t want the nasty words to reflect back on those sweet boys. And I don’t ever want their sweet Mama to see such negative talk. It was not my intention for a hate debate.

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Let It Rain

We are singing! Let It Rain, Let It Rain, Let it keep on raining because we need it here. Instead of “Let It Go” its now our theme song for around these parts of Australia.

Being on tank water, and watching the Dam water drop {the dam is for the gardens and flushing the toilets in the two houses on the property} we have been very concerned about the level of both tanks – oh and the pool takes 1/2 tank to refill each time!

Yesterday David came home from work and we were over the moon to spend some much needed quality time together.

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Saying Goodbye To Family

Today we had to say Goodbye. And I am not good at Saying Goodbye to Family – I cry. Every. Single. Time.  I promise myself not to cry and within minutes of the hugs with the boys I start crying. Wished I wasn’t such a baby!

I am not sure why I thought we had more time with them – the days just flew bye far too fast. And I didn’t even get to give any of them massages because I kept thinking we had another day with them.

Last night we celebrated Nicholas 17th Birthday party earlier then his actual day – Still can’t believe he turned 17 already. I put the candles on his Lemon Meringue Pie last night, and almost stopped at 15 candles but then had to think about how old he was turning!

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Merry Christmas From The Woodys

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas From The Woody’s. We had way too much yummy food, and now we are ready for a sleep! Mind you our Boys are ready for water fights!

No one thought to get DVD’s gifts for the boys {yeah how silly are we!} even though we would like to chill out we are working out how to help them with their excess sugar hit from food/drinks.

They sure did have fun playing in the swimming pool.

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Happy 14th Birthday Cameron

Its been awhile since we all celebrated his Birthday but I have only now started to look back on his Pictures and reflect on his special day.

I have shared his special Birth Day before, and can’t believe how much he has grown! He is getting taller {finally} and is turning into a young man. The hormones have kicked in, yeah we are looking at boxing classes/Karate Classes to help with the excess energy.

This year we had their Cousin Brian with us {he was visiting Grandma/Grandad – we organised him to come up as a surprise} and of course Cameron asked for his Favorite Dinner and David cooked him a wonderful cake. We did forget Candles, but we did sing Happy Birthday.

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Go On A Luxury Australian Adventure

You may have experienced a slight jolt at the word ‘luxury.’ You automatically assume that it’s well-beyond what you can afford and this article is for someone else. Wrong. You can afford to go on dozens of luxury vacations. Why? Because you’ve just scooped millions of dollars in a fun and simple way.

If you play lottery online, it can open up a whole world of possibilities, just like some of these unforgettable Australian experiences. Are you ready? Let’s go! Lets Go On A Luxury Australian Adventure

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Queens Street Brisbane Christmas Time

Last night we walked down Queen Street in Brisbane and its starting to look a lot like Christmas Time. And I so wished we had our boys with us where ever we walked because everything looked so incredible. If you have time to get to Brisbane before Xmas then check out Queen Street and then walk down to the City Hall Building to see the “Kids Light Show”.

Luckily I carry my camera everywhere with us, even though it hurts my shoulder {need a new camera bag}, because I was able to capture over 60 Pictures last night.

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No Jab No Pay No Australia

Look I am not against the Jab, and I am not for the Jab. Its a personal family decision to NOT have some of our boys Immunized. Our two Navy sons don’t have a choice, they have every needle you can ever think about and then some more – actually they have way too many that are not necessary but because they have to be “Sea Ready” they have no say.

And that’s what I am writing about with the No Jab No Pay No Australia topic. Its totally fine to have your child immunized after all its your child. Its totally fine not to have your child immunized after all its your child. Its your family. Its your choice.

But with our Government {don’t get me started on my thoughts about our stupid Prime Minister} we no longer have any choices.

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Maryborough Queensland

Our fourth son was doing Airforce Cadets down on the Sunshine Coast and wanted to continue for the rest of the year while we were up here in Bundaberg. But due to staff issues the Bundaberg section closed down. So every Thursday night we made the 2 hour trip to Maryborough Queensland.

While Cameron was off with Airforce Cadets David and I was able to have dinner together.  Kyle was able to have a “Sleep over” with his Grandparents and we were all exhausted come Friday morning.

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