Raising Five Sons

I get a lot of questions, rude comments and then sometimes some really wonderful people come along and have nice things to say to us parents for Raising Five Sons. {You know who you are, the nice ones, I love you for your support and love}

When we had all five of our boys living with us and we would go out and about I would these comments…..

“Are they all yours?” – No I Kidnapped them and changed their last name to all the same to make it look like they are mine!!! {JOKING}

“Do they all have the same Dad?” – No I slept around five times but David accepted that and raised them all as his own!!!! {JOKING}

“Oh you poor thing, you have five sons so are you going back to try for your girl” – Gee so there is a way to determine what you order online???

“Your poor thing, when its your time to die the gates will be open in heaven because God will know that raising five sons is tough going and you deserve to live in heaven” – I SHIT you not that has been said to my face, and more than once. Like seriously what can people be thinking???

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Our Family Update

This weekend gone was far too much, too much going on and it was way too hot!! And it was a lot of hugs, laughter, crying, sadness, grateful, and also a big wake up call. Our Family Update is one that will take you by surprise.

On Saturday we packed up the Motorhome and headed out of the caravan park that we were staying in….we are now parked at David’s work with the front of the bus up higher then the back of the bus because he is doing the springs.

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Eden Killer Whale Museum

While in Eden, after the Eden Wale Festival we wanted to get out of the cold windy weather so we headed to the Eden Killer Whale Museum which is located in a great spot for whale watching – mind you we didn’t see any while there, but did see them at Ben Boyd Tower. Actually I loved Ben Boyd Tower and have already written a review over on TripAdvisor about the “Ben Boyd Tower Perfect for Whale Watching” before even writing about it here!

Eden Killer Whale Museum ::

When you walk into the Museum {after paying for the very cheap entry fee} you will see “Old Tom” Skeleton.

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World Toilet Day

Today its a Special Day….did you know there is a “World Toilet Day“? Nope I didn’t realise either until now….

You see living in a 10 Foot Motorhome with three of our five boys we don’t have a Toilet as such, we have tried a Porta Loo once, and it was so very smelly – like really bad smelly. That bad that I wrote about it, read our previous experience “Portable Toilet Cleaner, What Is That Smell“.

As you walked into our Motorhome you could smell it before even opening up the Shower Door. So David has been trying to work out how to add a proper Toilet to our shower but the limited space has made it impossible.

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Kangaroo Valley

Last Wednesday we had our oldest son with us so we took him for a scenic drive and ended up at Kangaroo Valley to stand under neath the Bridge and to listen to the Cars/Trucks going over it….if you stand underneath the Bridge you will found out its very loud!

Kangaroo Valley ::

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I love motivational Sayings – we have a lot on our walls in our Bedford Comair Motorhome. From the Back of the Motorhome to the front we have three sayings that I read when ever I am looking at the walls.

Today I Filled A Dream ::

I already have one Tattoo on my right shoulder blade – its a Rose with David’s name next to it. I got it done a few years after we were married, when we only had two sons instead of our five sons. And it didn’t hurt that much, or if it did then I can’t remember it.

David had a day off work today to get things done on the Motohrome as well as come with me to the Tattoo place. And he did hold my hand, not because of the Pain but because I had another stupid Vertigo Attack – and we both worked out that my neck is causing my dizziness attacks so now I need to work on fixing my neck issues :)

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Taronga Zoo

On Sunday we went to Taronga Zoo for the Day. David and I have been there as little kids with our own family, so to go back with two of our youngest sons was fantastic, and its changed so much since we were there last.

Sydney Harbour on the Ferry


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Edens Fascinating Sites

After the Eden Whale Festival and our over night stop at East Ben Boyd Forest Rest Area {We found the over night stop in our Camp 7 Book Page 157} we spent Sunday {all day!!!} Visiting Edens Fascinating Sites. When I went into Eden’s Tourist information Centre I grabbed a Pamphlet all about  what to see and what to do while down there so that we could make the most of our time. Here is a Brief preview of our day ~ I will have more about each site in the next few weeks.

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Eden Whale Festival

The main reason why we had a Spaceship Campervan was to drive down for the Eden Whale Festival. And to see my life long dream – a Whale in the Ocean.

Its a life long dream to see Whales up close and personal, and once I heard about the fact that there was a record amount of whales down in Eden I was very keen to make a trip down there possible. We are so very lucky to be in the position we are at the moment, something I never thought I would say!

We are in the most ideal location – not too far from Sydney so that we can be with our older two when they need us {especially close enough we get to say Goodbye when we can} and not too far from locations down south. Funny enough Wollongong is the ideal location to see more of Australia in depth for us all.

Setting off late Thursday we stopped at Waldron Swamp Rest Area overnight. Then on the Friday we headed to Eden. Our first stop was to the Tourist Information Centre where I sourced out the best places to explore and the accommodation was sorted for the Friday night – I ended up paying for a camping spot so that we all could charge our Computers/Samsung Tablets/Phones and also have a hot shower. It was also an ideal location – Boydtown Caravan Park. It cost us $30.00 for the night {for three of us} and it was the only time I paid for accommodation on the whole trip.

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Saying Goodbye

Two days ago we got the news that our second son was flying back from Perth To Sydney. To join a Ship. Leaving today, no idea for how long, no idea where and no idea when he will get back. Saying Goodbye is never ever easy for anyone, its harder when you don’t know any details or know when he will be back.

We had one hour will him last night. One hour to sit down next to him in a Pub, have a meal, few non-alcoholic drinks, lots of hugs and lots of laughter.

It was the best One Hour of our life!!!

Besides the day you were born of course.

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