Billy Cart Fun And Games

Both Cameron and Kyle have wanted a Billy Cart for so long….we have been talking about making one but lately our Saturdays are so crazy busy.

Billy Cart Fun and Games ::

One of David’s Work Mates had a Billy Cart laying around and he was so very kind to give it to our boys, we are so very grateful.

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Train Works Rail Heritage

We are slowly exploring everything we can think of while we are still here in Wollongong before leaving New South Wales {wished that we could leave tomorrow but we have family commitments that we must keep!} I will soon share our Bucket List of what we would like to see before heading to another state!

A few weekends ago we headed to Train Works Rail Heritage Museum to show our two younger boys a place that David has been to before when he was a young boy, with his parents!

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We Loved Hill End And We Think You Will Too

I guess you could say that with all of the Eight Blog Posts that I shared from our Easter Weekend that We Loved Hill End And We Think You Will Too.

We only spent one long weekend there but we LOVED every minute of it. From Lookouts to the Cemetery {yes we love reading headstones} to Valentines Mine, to Golden Gully to even a spot of Gold Mining….there is something for everyone at Hill End.

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Vivid Sydney 2014

My kids crack me up big time!  The other day David and I had decided to visit Vivid Sydney, yes we had seen Vivid Sydney Darling Harbour a few times last year but we wanted to be able to experience it again.

One of our boys had a conversation about Vivid Sydney, which I  had shared on our Facebook Page but I thought would share it here as well…..

Son : “are we doing anything Saturday ”
Mum:: “not sure yet. Do know that we are going to Vivid Sydney Saturday night, why? ”
Son :: “is that in Sydney?”
Mum :: “your kidding right? Vivid Sydney is Sydney all lit up so yes”
Son :: “oh can’t we watch it on TV”
Mum :: {totally speechless, we don’t have TV, and its not even shown on TV like a program}

So we made the trip to Sydney via the train on Saturday afternoon, actually we only made the train with minutes to spare..we nearly missed it.

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Hill End Quartz Roasting Pits Complex

We homeschool our younger two and have found the best way to learn is through life, through exploring, and through talking, through reading out loud to them. David shares {and I} what he knows, and teaches our boys the way they can remember – discussing what we see as we go.

Hill End Quartz Roasting Pits Complex ::

Hill End Quartz Roasting Pits Complex

Hill End Quartz Roasting Pits Complex

History of the complex::

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Gold Mining Hill End

After we had explored Golden Gully {and the Township of Hill End} we headed out to do a spot of Golden Mining. If you grab a map of the area from the Information Centre you will see where you are allowed to mine, and where its protected. Some people must not be able to read because we seen people gold mining in Golden Gully!

Gold Mining Hill End ::

Hill End Gold Mining Area


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Hill End New South Wales

Have Lots of Hill End to still share here at New Life on the Road. But I was trying to find Photos of Hill End New South Wales Township when I realised that I have hardly any photos….guess I used the Video Camera instead?

Hill End New South Wales ::

What I did find was these….

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Essential Posture Brace

*this is  product review, but all thoughts are our own!

With one of our sons we are always wonder if there is anything we can do with his Back Posture. Teenagers and curved backs seem to go hand in hand, especially with their big heavy school bags that are full of way too much stuff. Don’t they have lockers in Highschools anymore?

Essential Posture Brace ::

When I was looking at the Bad Backs website I was reading as much information as possible to see if the Essential Posture Brace would be suitable and what would be the benefits. The more I was reading the more I was trying to sit up straighter!! Do you know how much I naturally sit over the computer with rounded shoulders? Yeah I never thought about it.

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Cabala Juice Pre Fasting

Since hearing Don Tolman speak and attending his 2 1/2 days bootcamp in the Gold Coast, many years ago, I have always wanted to try the Cabala Juice fasting. I have even shared Don Tolman Cabala Juice Fasting before on New Life on the Road {Click on the Words that are hi-lighted to be taken to the Page “Helping”

Its not something that I will be doing long term, the Pre Fasting is for 7 days. Because I need a good detox I didn’t want to jump into a Full on Juice Fast so I am still eating Lunch for the seven days, and having the Cabala Juice or Breakfast and Dinner – and through out the day.

Cabala Juice Pre Fasting ::

Cabala Juice Fast


It takes a lot of carrots per day – 5Ibs, 2 green apples, 2 red apples, 2 yellow apples, 1 Lemon, 1 small Beetroot. How do we store all of that fruit in the Motorhome?

Juicing the fruit


Cabala Juice Fast Recipe


Cabala Juice mixture


The Cabala Juice taste amazing. The combination of Apples and Lemons with Beetroot and Carrots….never thought it would taste good. Actually I think that I could drink this juice everyday for just the yummy taste.

Today is day 3 on the Pre-Fast. So far I had headaches for the last two days…but I think that might be because of no coffee. We both haven’t had coffee for 6 days and I so miss it, miss that more than eating! I miss the smell of it and the  fact that we take the time to sit and have a cuppa with each other every afternoon.

Not sure how I am going to go with 14 days of complete Cabala Juice Fasting, but I do know that my body is needing a rest. My body is needing a period without working over time by having food and digesting it.

Cabala Juice food


Here is enough Apples for the Week as well as Lemons. But only enough Carrots for 2 days!! Yes it takes a lot of carrots.

How Do We Store Our Fruit/Veggies?

Basically we have been storing the Fruit/Veggies in our Esky. And David is buying carrots every 2 days.

A Week of Apples is ::

14 Green Apples

14 Red Apples

14 Yellow Apples

Then 7 Lemons a Week.

The Beetroot is 1/3 a small fist size. And the Carrots are a 5kg Bag every 3 days {they last 2 days}

Side Affects ::

Hungry still by lunch time, glad that I am still eating one meal a day.


Not clear thinking at the moment and a bit irritable !!! I reckon by the end of the 14 days of Cabala Juice Fasting that I am going to be very grumpy…not sure if David will be able to talk with me :)

If you like you can see the Recipe over on Don Tolman.

Have You Tried The Cabala Juice Fasting?



New Life on the Road

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The other day I had to take a Train into Sydney to sort out my Marriage Certificate for our second son who needs a Passport. The navy keeps knocking back his Passport application due to my paperwork not being enough…mind you my older son has already been through all this and was accepted no worries, you would think that because I have given paperwork for one son that the other son would have no issues!!

After we went to Central we jumped back onto the train and headed into Circular Quay for Lunch…it was way past lunch time by then so both Kyle and I was keen to eat. As soon as we had finished eating we walked all over The Rocks before heading back to Circular Quay. Where we both stopped in our tracks to stand very still and watch Pepe Gaka at work. He was incredible….

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