How to Travel Stress Free

As an experienced traveller, I can say with absolutely certainty that at times, travel can be stressful. For most of us, travel = holidays and holidays = fun! Right? Wrong! There are so many different ways to travel and some of those are just plain work! My first international trip was to South East Asia when I was 21 was my best mate and we backpacked. While it was a magnificent journey, it was like a full-time job. So how do you avoid all of that and simply have a relaxed, enjoyable and stress-free holiday?

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Blue Mountains Scenic World

The other day I drove up to my oldest sons place and stayed in Sydney for three days….not to explore more of Sydney but to take a day trip to the Blue Mountains and to see Scenic World. Its been on my wish list for some time and I am slowly crossing them off my list!

Blue Mountains Scenic World ::

So worth the trip! So worth the 2 and half hours of solid walking we all did….did I tell you how well Kyle walked that day? Gosh he is a little trooper with bush walking!

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Motorhome Flooring

We get asked a lot of questions about “How to renovate a Old School Bus” and I could sit for hours sharing all that David has done. Instead I am sharing our YouTube videos from a few years back.

I have already shared how David used The Spiling Batten Technique, Our Motorhome Beginnings, Bedford Comair New Life Continues and now I thought I would share Motorhome Flooring Videos

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Vikings Darling Harbour With Family

We went into Darling harbour awhile back. Even meeting up with our second son for the day, which was so very nice. There was a Viking Display on at the National  Maritime Museum that we were all keen to see.

National Maritime Museum


The Viking Show -

well worth a trip into Sydney

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Cascade Waterfall

 We found it!! We went looking for Cascade Fall…….and thought we had found it when we stumbled on Jump Rock Falls.

It was the most pleasant walk ever, so easy – the track is wide enough for a Jogging pram, not sure how bumpy the ride would be for baby but it was an easy walk on a track that even had steps as well as a man made walk way over a steep section.

David and Kyle even convinced me to walk up higher to the next part of the water fall….which was steep but so worth it

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Top Tips for Planning Your First Motorhome Holiday

When we think about motorhome holiday one of the first things that always comes to mind is the idea of a big and exciting family adventure. However, if you are planning your first holiday of this kind, the thought can be a little daunting as there is often a lot to think about and plan before you set off. With this in mind, here are some of the top tips from more seasoned travellers to help you plan the perfect holiday on the road.

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Jump Rock Pool Waterfalls

The last two weekends we have been on a mission! To find waterfalls in the Wollongong area. Two weekends ago we thought that we were heading to Cascade Falls but in actually fact we turned left at the bottom of the Macquarie Pass into a path that we all thought we were never ever going to survive….

Actually we didn’t realise that we were on the WRONG path till we got home and I started looking at images on google…..I worked out that we had stumbled upon Jump Rock Pool Waterfall.

With a Track that was meant for the very brave….it was steep, narrow, muddy and lots of rocks to climb over. I winged the whole there and the whole back – was not in a very good mood at all that day!! And vowed never ever to return but I am sure that if I was given a chance to share the experience with the rest of our family that I could possible make the walk once again.

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Sharkeys Beach New South Wales

{This was meant to be posted a few weeks back but I distracted with life! Sorry its late, but better late than never}

After the amazing performance of “Celtic Woman” in Wollongong Win Entertainment Centre I wanted somewhere to escape to for the day where we all could chill out and have fun! And Sharkey’s Beach New South Wales was calling my name.

Sharkey’s Beach New South Wales

We Have Been to this beach before, only briefly so it was good to return to it today!!’

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Beford Comair Motorhome New Life Continues

If you had read my last blog post “Our Motorhome Beginnings” you would see that I had shared a very rare Video of David talking about the plans he was making regards destroying the Bedford Comair Motorhome to give it New Life.

Bedford Comair Motorhome New Life Continues!

I thought that I would carry on that theme and share the next steps in our Renovation Process! Oh if only he knew how much needed to be replaced, rebuilt or even completely given a New Life to the inside, let alone the outside…have to wonder if he would have wanted to keep going if he only knew!

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Our Motorhome Beginnings

 I can’t believe that I found this video!! Its actually from David :) He doesn’t like to get on the video as much as what he son’s do, but I am super happy that he made it.

Its way back when we first started our Journey….its the beginning of this crazy journey. The Motorhome before he renovated it, Our Motorhome Beginnings, before David destroyed the inside and put it all back together!….

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