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Pete Murray Interview

Posted by on January 23, 2014

Yesterday I was so excited, nervous and wondering what I actually put my hand up for! You see I normally jump in with both feet first and then wonder afterwards what I have said yes to!!

I guess this time I am so very glad that I jumped high and landed safely….

Yep I was stoked to speak with Pete Murray in a Interview over the phone, talk about a nice guy who is very down to earth.

Can’t share what went down here at New Life on the Road, but I can let you know you all know where to go to read all about it. The interview is now live over at iWollongong – Interview With Pete Murray and Giveaway  {CLICK ON THE WORDS TO THE LEFT to be taken to the live interview}

Thanking you iWollongong for the opportunity and to Pete Murray for being such a great guy.

YouTube Preview Image

Was such a blast to do the interview….this year 2014 I can see so many exciting things happening for our family, and so many great opportunities opening up for me, wondering what exciting thing is going to happen next!!!

Have You Ever Seen Pete Murray Sing?



New Life on the Road

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5 Responses to Pete Murray Interview

  1. Mike

    Hi Lisa! I Published a comment over there but it didn’t post or show in moderation so I gratefully copied it first. here is what I said:

    Great interview Lisa and Pete! This was my favorite part of the Q and A with being asked, “Do you ever have to think about what town you are in…” And the answer being, “…walking into the cupboard…” That was too funny! I’ve often wondered about that with performers or travelers in general on the road sleeping in different places constantly :)
    Mike recently posted..What Do Vegan Zombies Say?

    • Lisa

      Thanks Mike! I copied your comment, jumped on over to iWollongong and left it there {with a link back to your blog!}

      It was such a great interview, he sure is down to earth and a great inspiration. Loved how he decided to learn how to play the guitar, sold his CD’s out of the back of the Kombi and now sings world wide. His success is all because he believed and he persisted.

      Gives us all inspiration :)

  2. budget jan

    I can see you are going to have lots of different stories for us this year Lisa. It was a great interview and Pete sounds like a really down to earth kind of guy.
    budget jan recently posted..Kampot Sunset at The Front

    • Lisa

      Thanks Jan, He was so nice to speak with, and I can’t wait to hear him live in Wollongong. Pete Murray is such an inspiration!

      I feel like 2014 is going to be a great year :)

  3. Becc

    How overly exciting. What a chance!
    Becc recently posted..Feeling all Zen

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