Plans What Plans

Luckily for us we have grown used to being very flexible with life, with choices and with what we are doing – where we are at any given time and with plans….cause plans can change, and do change at the drop of a hat! We sure realised that these past few week.

Plans What Plans  – when you live out of a suitcase and in a Holiday Apartment and have no idea what/where/when you will be next, you have to learn to be very flexible.

And go with the flow…..

We try to make Plans but sometimes things come up that you can’t plan for, and you realise that life is heading in another direction.

David’s parents live on acreage and have been trying to get things done while David’s Dad was the carer for David’s Mum. He was dealing with cleaning the Water Tanks when the ladder he was on broke one of the rungs and he fell from the top of the ladder onto the concrete below….but was determined it was only a “Sprained Ankle” – and stayed in bed for that week.

When a kind neighbour took him to hospital the X-ray revealed two broken bones and it needed to be operated on with “Bolts and Rods” inserted. Which meant a hospital transfer to Brisbane, and surgery on the weekend. The hospital has now released him into the care of family.

So that means David will be taking him back on the plane to home, while I am driving up with Grandma and our two boys. It would be easier for Grandma to go back with him on the plane but Grandma is not able to be his “Carer”

Not sure what would have happened if we were not able to be close enough to help out?

Not sure what is going to happen in the next six-nine weeks…..He can’t put pressure on his broken foot, which means he has to be out of action in the house and in the paddocks.

What We Have Been Doing ::

So while Grandad was in the Hospital {before the transfer} up north, at home I was looking after Grandma, cleaning as many windows in the house as possible, cooking the meals and helping out with getting the laundry done. Washing the floors, vacuuming the carpets and cleaning upstairs. Cameron was using the Push Mower to mow the house yards, we still need the paddock yards mowed but they can wait to our older boys get there.

Its a two storey HUGE house, and its a full time job in itself, let alone the outside acreage. Not sure how they were able to maintain it for as long as they have cause it was a full time job just while I was there for that week. Then the drive down to the Sunshine Coast was a bit too much for Grandma so when we return tomorrow I will be making sure we get lots of stops along the way to help her recover from sitting in the car for so long.

Flexible Plans ::

Our older two boys are coming up soon as they can to help out, and we will be there as much as possible. The hospital was trying to find “At Home Care” services for them but its a three year waiting list so at the moment its up to David and I. Seen as how he is working on the Sunshine Coast, its going to be up to our younger two boys and I until something can be worked out.

Which brings me to the point of – So very Glad We Don’t Have A House Full Of Stuff to deal with when we are older and grown up. Its time to downsize David’s parents place but we are not sure how or when that will happen, until then I will be up north and David will be on the Sunshine Coast. And we will have to be very flexible with our plans because I still need to be in Brisbane once a month for my Diploma of Massage Studies!

Sun set in Bundaberg


Plans, What Plans? Can’t Plan for the unexpected.

Are You A Person That Likes To Make Plans?



New Life on the Road.

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