Postcard From Melbourne

On Thursday till Saturday afternoon I got to experience another state, another city and another culture. I wish I was saying that we went to France, or Japan, or Greece, or Italy…but the best part was I was still in Australia, just in another State.

I also wished that I was travelling in our Motorhome with all of my family but I was still happy that I got to experience a plane flight (like no other plane flight I have had before!) and that I can say this is my Postcard From Melbourne for you!

Postcard From Melbourne With Photos

Postcard from melbourne

 Flying to Melbourne With Tiger Airlines!

I was a bit too much camera happy while I walked the streets of Melbourne on Friday night! I kept taking lots of photos of China Town, the inner city and the surrounding streets.

Unfortunately (or maybe it was fortunate for you!!) my camera did not like the rain/the night lights and some of the photos did not come out the best.

The photos that I was able to save are ready for you, in a movie style so that you can experience the Postcard from Melbourne feeling…its almost like you were with me 🙂

The Places of Interest In Melbourne

If I had more time I would have explored Melbourne City –

  • The State Library
  • The Melbourne Aquarium
  • Melbourne Maritime Museum
  • Old Melbourne Gaol
  • Cooks Cottage
  • Melbourne Exhibition Centre
  • Parliament Buildings
  • Federation Square
  • Queen Victoria Market
  • The Arts Centre
  • Eureka Skydeck….and all of the live shows that were available.

I so wished I had the time to ride the tram…there is a free Tram service that takes you around the streets of Melbourne so that you can easily see everything without having to walk!

 Hi-Lights Of Melbourne

Postcard in Melbourne

 Staying At the Spcace Hotel

The most amazing part of staying in Melbourne was that I got to stay at a Back Packers…this was a new experience for me as I have never stayed in a Back Packers.

Have you experienced the back packers scene?

The Space Backpackers

Slept on Top Bunk!

What are your thoughts about sleeping in a room with six other people who you don’t know? I was surprised with how well I did handle the small room, the top bunk, the comings and goings of everyone that was in the room staying at “The Space” back packers.

Will be sharing more details of my stay at “The Space” hotel soon, as I will be writing a review with heaps of photos, hints/tips on what to expect, and my scary experience with a Man who attached himself to me (who could barely speak english as he was from Dubai!)

More Hi-Lights Of Melbourne….

The most amazing hi-lights of Melbourne was the culture. The culture ranges from China Town, to the Greek Precinct to even Hindu Dancers on one of the main streets of Melbourne.

Chinatown is spread out from Little Bourks Street, stretching from Swanston Walk to Exhibition Street and has so many different Restaurants…

 Melbourne China Town

  Melbourne China Town

Postcard from Melbourne

 Lest We Forget

Postcard From Melbourne

The Best Way to have a wake up call – Pie Face Coffee 🙂

  Fine Dining in Melbourne

Yummy Food Courtesy of Notovel Melbourne Restaurant

Melbourne Tours

 Horse Riding Around The City – Travel in Style 🙂

Choice of Food in melbourne

  Choice of International Cakes – and there is heaps to choose from!

Visiting Melbourne Anytime Soon?

So if you are going to visit Melbourne, then makes sure you allow enough time to explore the city in detail, that you are very hungry and ready to try new food, that you travel with an airline that is safe, and that you become part of the city to enjoy all there is.

Where to StayNovotel Melbourne is a fine Hotel to stay at…..its in the heart of Melbourne and close to all of the hi-lights. This time round I wanted to experience the Backpackers scene so I would highly recommend staying at “The Space” hotel

What To Eat – You could easily become over whelmed with all of the food choices (like I did) and end up eating a Vegetarian Kabab…yes I went to Melbourne (the heart of the fine dinning and good shopping experiences) and I had the most yummiest Kabab on Friday night.

If you want to experience a variety of dishes then it would be best to head to China Town.

How To Travel in Melbourne – Walking is the best form of exercise, and I ended up walking all over the city on Friday night. The other fantastic way to travel in Melbourne is via the Trams.

You can travel for free around Melbourne on the “City Circle Tram” or you could even buy a tram pass and travel from one destination to another!

Free Courtesy Bus – each Hotel in Melbourne provides you with a free Courtesy Bus that will pick you up from the Hotel that you are staying in and deliver you to the Shuttle Bus – where you buy a ticket for $16.00 – that takes you straight to the airport.

Make sure that you book the Courtesy Bus 24 Hours before its required, and also make sure you allow 2 hours to get to the airport, in case of any traffic delays.

Which Airline To Fly To Melbourne – I went down on Tiger Airways but I would not recommend flying with them again. Normally I fly with Quantas or JetStar.. Tiger was our only option as I had forgotten to purchase a ticket until the week of my flight 🙂

What Clothes To Take – Remember that climates change. So take a warm set of PJ’s (night wear) as well as Summer PJ’s. It rained the whole time I was in Melbourne so take something that will keep you dry while out and about!

Have Fun – Melbourne is such a great city to visit. The most important part of Melbourne – is to get out and explore….have fun!! It’s a city that stays open till late, and is full of diverse culture.

There is many other aspects that I could share here within Postcard From Melbourne…soon I will be sharing with you all the scary flight with Tiger Airlines, the scary encounter with a man I did not know, and the finest Tea Room that I ever come across 🙂

What Would You Like To Know About Melbourne?




New Life on the Road travelled to Melboure due to the Problogging event. All thoughts and opinions are our own. The flight, the accommodation and the food choices were selected via New Life on the Road.

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