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Product Review And Giveaway

Posted by on October 3, 2013

*this is a Product review and Giveaway….

With all boys in our Motorhome there is a never ending pile of dishes next to the sink….they seem to grow by the minute! No matter how many times a day I wash up, I turn around and there seems to be a endless pile of cups/plates/bowls. Actually I never ever realised we had so much cups sitting in our small cupboard until I see them all sitting on the bench top.

“My Colour Cup” to the rescue…..

New Life on the Road was asked to Product Test a set off “My Colour Cups” and to feature them here….of course I jumped at the chance to review a product that would help cut down on the washing up, giving us more time to Travel {slowly} around New South Wales!

My Colour Cups Product Review and Giveaway

Love How Easy They Stack

Without a doubt I think the product ROCKS our world….my boys love to find their cup, fill it up with water and place it on the bench, knowing that they can use it again later on.

I love the fact that at the end of every meal time there is no longer a Pile of Cups that everyone used only once.

Win/Win situation all round.

Kyle's Cup

Great for Little Ones Learning To Read

And funny enough its a great learning curve for little ones who are learning to read because by twisting the label they can read “names” until they find there own name, or if you wanted you could have a coloured coded system! Where one colour is set per child for every day use.

Actually I am not sure how we coped with out them….both Cameron and Kyle will now only use “Their Cups” and nothing else to drink out of – unless we are out n about and then they have to use drink bottles {I am sure they will soon work out a way to carry their cups with them when exploring!}

Turn the cup label for another name

Now Kyle can read everyone’s Names :)

Giveaway ::

The best part for you guys {who also rock} we have a set to giveaway ~ you can chose to have your own cups personalised with names or leave it with colours!

Benefits ::


Takes up less space in the cupboards

Saves on washing up

Helps with homeschooling

Makes drinking water more fun than a chore!

Can’t break in the cupboard when travelling

Non-Benefits ::

Each cup has all of the boys names on them….cheeky buggers worked that out quickly and when they are in a “prankster Mood” they turn the cups on each other….but I guess that is more of a non-benefits because of our cheeky boys!!

Endless Washing Up

The My Colour Cups Cut down on the endless washing up!

To enter follow these easy steps with the following Rafflecopter ::

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Remember to Fill Out ALL of the above Steps to receive your own copy of cups!

Extra Information ::

Winner – One winner will be randomly selected and receive a set of 4 personalized “MyColourCups” shipped to their house.

All participants – all who enter will receive a $6 off coupon to use at the MyColourCup web site that will get them a free cup.

* Open World Wide :)

What Do You Like About Less Washing Up?


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Hosted by Three Lil Princesses



New Life on the Road

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32 Responses to Product Review And Giveaway

  1. Tina Gibb

    Pretty cool! We bought the kids novelty cups/bowl/plates instead of easter eggs one year. These live in our van. They work pretty well as we have a boy and a girl, so they know which is which. I could imagine these would be great for parties too!

    • Lisa

      That is such a great idea Tina :) Yeah I reckon that a colour scheme for plates/bowls/cups would work so well, thanks for the great tip!

  2. Rita

    I would love to win a Set of My Colour Cups, so when the grandkids visit I won’t end up with 10 cups in my sink from just 4 children and they would know which cup is mine
    Rita recently posted..On The Road

    • Lisa

      that’s a great idea Rita – and yeah Dave’s parents have the same issue with our kids when we visit them :)

  3. Mary Preston

    The “My Colour Cups” would certainly cut down on the washing up. I do encourage everyone to drink water, but not a new cup each time!!

    • Lisa

      Yeah it sure helps with drinking water and cutting down on washing up :)

  4. AmberB

    These cups would certainly make life more peaceful in our house.

  5. S Armstrong

    My kids are always arguing over who’s cup is who’s, this way there would be no arguments

  6. Mike

    That is a fantastic product for travel, Lisa! I like the parts on you sharing about your “cheeky” boys. I remember when my aunt, uncle and I went on a long off road trip with a camper and everything spilled out (and broke)…cups like those would have come in handy for sure! :)

    • Lisa

      Gosh your Aunt and Uncle sure had a crazy adventure – its good look back on those moments and laugh but at the time they sure are scary!
      And yes these cups sure would have come in handy :)

  7. Diana O

    No more fighting over cups and who’s drinking out of the wrong one!!

  8. Di

    Coloured and named! Wow this will stop squabbling for sure :)

  9. Stacey P

    These would be perfect as I have triplets and to know what belongs to who makes things so much easier!

  10. Cate

    Perfect for when we have family dinners with 6 cousins. They’d also be great for practising naming colours for my son!

    • Lisa

      Oh yeah it would be ideal for dinner guests and could also be an educational tool at the same time!

  11. Shelly

    Hi Lisa, I loved reading your review of our cups. I glad you enjoyed using them. There are some great comments, here. Thanks Everyone!

  12. Wendy S

    I have 4 children still at home and they drive me nuts using every cup we have, every day!
    Wendy S recently posted..C’mon deliver the letter, the sooner, the better… Part 5

  13. bubble936

    I would love to win so that we can stop wasting water,electricity and washing liquid on the endless number of cups that our kids can use and stack near the sink.


    If we have one My color cup in the wash and another two are clean and ready to use, we can simply change the name to match the child and not have to say “your cup is dirty”.

  14. Lynsey S

    My daughter is very picky and freaks out when her little brother drinks out of her cup. These would be fantastic for keeping the peace at meal times! =)

  15. Michelle Gray

    Fantastic idea, would certainly save fights over cups and the amount of washing up.

  16. hamir

    So that Everyone including adults can have their own cup & we can save time and energy spent on washing cups throughout the day…

  17. Katrina C

    My kids are constantly fighting over who’s cup is who’s, this would certainly solve that problem.

  18. Mel

    Perfect for the kids in the caravan!!’

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