Rebuilding The Back :: David Makes It Happen

Sometimes I wonder if there is something/anything that David can not build? Or Repair? Today he makes it happen…he created a miracle.

Rebuilding The Back of Our Motorhome

The back of our Motorhome was so rusted out that basically ever section had to be cut out and re-built from new. Working with many different angles, many different shapes and trying to put it back together….almost like a jigsaw puzzle but without any picture to work from.

David makes it happen

He had to Pull The Back Apart ~

And Rebuilding All of the Frame Work

David’s mind works differently from most guys. Actually I reckon it works differently from a lot of people. He can visualize how something should look – and see the end result before he even starts. Which is really handy considering what work needs doing at the moment.

Where I see how much needs to be done, and I shake my head wondering how the hell it can all come together?

 The other day he had a melt down….in the last two days I have had many! I keep seeing everything that needs doing, and wondering how is it possible for all the work to be completed before our Motorhome heads to the painters tomorrow afternoon at 2.00pm? While unpacking our entire family contents into a tent and a store room I have had many moments of “THIS is so NOT worth it”.

Yet David keeps on creating miracles, and keeps on pushing me along. Gently telling me that all of it is going to come together, and that all of its worth it.

Rebuilding new panels

Basically the back of our motorhome now has all new sheeting

 The Back Was So Rusted ~

and couldnt be fixed so David has replaced it all

Rebuilding Frame Work

Rebuilding and Fixing the Panels

David Needs To Rebuild The Lights ~

Replacing the Panels, and Fixing the Fibre Glass

Re-sheeting the Motorhome

Putting In New Panels

After This is Finished ~

All of The Sheeting Is Completed

Completed Motorhome

Its Late But He Got It Done

David Has Finished ~

Rebuilding, Re-sheeting, Repairing.

He even got help from the Man of the House (the guy who owns the house of where we are staying), he helped by welding the Back Bumper bar and attaching it back on.

Now all of the Sheeting is completed. Tomorrow its sanding time, and then getting it around to the painters! Cant believe that our old Motorhome will soon be looking new 🙂

Its been a long day – actually its been a long two weeks…..cant wait for our Motorhome to be registered, and we are outta here. Not that we want to be leaving such great people, but because its so close to Christmas and we want to see family.

Yep David is our Miracle Worker.

And I am so proud of how good our Motorhome is now looking.

Rebuilding The Back :: David Makes It Happen, and now lets see what other things he can make happen!

How Was Your Day?



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