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Restaurants In Bundaberg

Posted by on July 5, 2011

A few times David and I have been out for dinner, without our five boys! Once it was because of our Wedding Anniversary, and another time for my birthday. Its not often we go out as just us two, because usually we like to go out as a family. Both times were a huge disappointment as we have yet to come across any nice Restaurants In Bundaberg – where the food and services are both so good that you could recommend the place to another person!

Restaurants In Bundaberg

Restaurants in BundabergOur Wedding Anniversary was such a let down! We had built such excitement up, over going out, and I was actually dressed up in my favorite dress with high heels! Not often do I get out of my comfy clothes :) Dave had a really good shirt on but at the last minute he changed into a short sleeve shirt which was not as fancy. Driving into Bundaberg, I still did not know which Restaurants in Bundaberg were we going to eat at – it was the first time he has ever been able to keep a secret! Once we got to the Restaurant I was super excited as the place looked gorgeous. But that was all it was – a gorgeous place.

Staff and Food Make A Good Restaurant

I love eating out, because it means I am not cooking, nor am I cleaning up! I am also enjoying a good atmosphere, sitting back and relaxing. I was so looking forward to the night out. The staff and food make a good restaurant, there is no ifs or buts about this….if the food is good, and the service from the staff is good – then I will highly recommend going to the Restaurant. But if the food is only ok, and the staff are only ok, then why would I want to go back, or recommend others to go there? I guess we are so spoilt by our wonderful cafe at Moffat Beach. Where the owners know all the locals by name, and the head chef is known for his famous desserts!

Restaurant Number Two In Bundaberg

Finding Restaurants in Bundaberg to recommend!So after our Wedding Anniversary, we decided to try another place for my Birthday. It was actually the place where we wanted to go for our wedding anniversary, but I thought it was too laid back for such an important occasions! Restaurants In Bundaberg close really early (by 8.30pm most of them are closed) so we were surprised with how late this one opened. The interior of the place was amazing, such culture and character. The staff were so friendly, and so happy…the drinks were yummy! Oh I have forgotten to mention…I can only drink one glass of red wine before it makes me feel really good! So yes the drinks were nice, the interior of the place was nice…..but that’s it! It ends there.

The food was that bad – it was almost like it was pre-packed, and out of tins. We started with a dip and corn chips…and they were ok. Then we went onto the main meal….which looked good in the menu, and looked good on our plates! But we soon realised that the food was not fresh – it was only heated. How could we tell? The taste was our number one hint – our other hint was the menu. It stats all over the menu that items on the menu could not be changed! Not once did it stat that the food was freshly cooked, only stated that it was heated!

Is There Any Good Restaurants In Bundaberg?

Not sure – we have found two really good cafes. One is on the water front, and the other is in the gardens. All we are looking for is yummy food, good service and a place that we can recommend! Stay tuned as we go on a search for the best Restaurants In Bundaberg :)



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4 Responses to Restaurants In Bundaberg

  1. Harry Lynn

    I can imagine how disappointed you must have been, especially after dressing up with the high heels……….what a sight !
    Like you, I do enjoy eating out as long as the place has some ambience, but MOST importantly, the food must be GREAT !!
    Harry Lynn recently posted..Learning Piano – My Learning Journey Part Four

    • Lisa

      Hello Harry,

      Its important to have good food and good service :) We love eating out, but the food has to be freshly cooked, and the service worth paying for :) Still looking and searching for the finest Restaurants In Bundaberg – will let you know when we find one!


  2. Jackie Stenhouse

    Can’t help you with finding good restaurants in Bundaberg as I’m not that keen on eating out. I must say though, we have a lovely one down our way which is a little expensive but the food is fresh and very nice. I personally know the chef and can recommend him.
    Jackie Stenhouse recently posted..How to Add a Facebook Widget to Your Website

    • Lisa

      Thanks Jackie – we are determined to find a Restaurant in Bundaberg that we can recommend to others! We were so spoilt with our Moffat Beach Cafe/Restaurant :)


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