Saying Hi To Good Friends

While living and travelling in our Motohrome Friends seem to come and go – some stay with us via email/facebook/phone/texting. Others we catch up with when we can! Some I know that I can call anytime we are in Bundaberg and have a coffee/chat with. Those are the best friends ever – cause I know that they are there no matter what!

Saying Hi To Good Friends.

The other day I took Zachery, Cameron and Kyle with me to see Jackie who lives on the other side of Bundaberg from where we are. I know that I can always drop on in, and we are all made to feel at home. Her new home (they purchased this gorgeous old Queenslander late last year) is one that is comfy and inviting. And is going through changes as they are in the process of renovations!

Welcome to Jackie's House

We are welcomed here anytime

Welcome To Jackie’s House!

Love These French Doors!

Christmas Time

Gorgeous Christmas Tree Decorations!

Corner Christmas Decorations ~

Feel in love with this one that hangs up!

Jackie was actually away visiting family over the Christmas break so she didn’t actually have a Christmas tree set up – but instead they had this gorgeous decoration that hang from the ceiling. They called it “Their Mistletoe” which so fitted the way it was hanging!

They are also in the process of renovating each room – walls need painting, and a “New Life” needs to be given to the old queenslander. There is something about Queenslander Houses – they have so much character that can be added to, changed and improved on!

Gorgeous Bedroom

Love Jackie Colour Scheme

Jackie and Hubby Bedroom ~

They were thinking about taking out walls to make the room bigger. But because they are not sure if they are going to stay, or sell and move on they still haven’t decided what to do with the master bedroom. If they do take out the wall then they will have a bigger bedroom, but I can see how much work that adds to renovations! Considering how long our own renovations have taken with our Motorhome I would say forget the extra work 🙂

Big Queenslander Kitchen

 Big Country Style Kitchen

My favorite part of their house is how roomy their Kitchen is! You can walk through from one side to the back deck or to the other side, where you can go through a spare room to the front deck. Its like a big open plan design yet can be shut off with bedroom doors/verander doors.

And the breeze – such a cool ocean breeze through the whole house. Did I mention the location? The house is only a few blocks from the most amazing sea view, with a great Ice-Cream Store down the road….not the best Ice-cream ever but it still cools one down on a hot day!

corner Store

Walking Down to the Beach

Kyle and Cameron ~

Love eating Ice-cream! Perfect Location – beach and park combined.

 When we walked back to the house Jackie showed me one of her daughters Art collection – from Drawings, to paintings to Tiling (I think its called Mosaic Art?) She is very talented….

Wall Art

Wall Art For Their House Number

Mosaic Wall Art ~

Jackie is thinking about hanging this near the front door with their house number on it. I reckon that her daughter is very talented, and its the perfect spot for it!

School Art Work

A Drawing that One of Jackie’s Daughter Created!

 One of her Daughters Drawings ~

I really like this one, the eyes draw you in!

Big Pool at the back

Water Baby Kyle

Kyle Loves Swimming ~

He is our water Baby!

They also have a swimming pool out the back, and is in view of the back deck…so we got to have more time catching up while Kyle had fun swimming.

We had lunch with Jackie and her two daughters, a walk down the road, coffee and then it was time to leave. Short time catching up, but I know that whenever we are in Bundaberg again I can either drive to her place, or meet in town at our favorite cafe! That makes having good friends the best ever.

So good to have girly time, even if I did take three of my boys with me.

Thanking you Jackie – for everything.

Saying Hi To Good Friends Rocks!



New Life on the Road.

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4 thoughts on “Saying Hi To Good Friends

  • January 4, 2013 at 7:10 pm

    fabulous friends make life even sweeter, if this is the Jackie I think I bet you had a wonderful time with her catching up. I met a friend in Melbourne that I know through the blog and we just clicked….ended up talking for three hours and skipped lunch. Glad to have you guys as our online friends, sending love ciao lisa xxx

    • January 4, 2013 at 9:11 pm

      Hi Lisa,

      Its amazing how many wonderful friends we have in our lifestyle, and they keep on coming!
      I love hearing how you connected with blogger in Melbourne, and well you clicked. That makes life so interesting.
      Jackie Stenhouse rocks – she always opens up her heart, her family and her time to us – we are so grateful to have great friends in our life.
      Will love to catch up with you and your gorgeous family again somewhere on our journey.
      Lisa xx

  • January 5, 2013 at 1:47 pm

    Awww thanks Lisa, it was so good to catch up with you. The old house comes up pretty good in your pictures, if we decide to sell, we,ll give you a call ha ha. Your welcome in our home anytime.

    • January 9, 2013 at 2:06 pm

      Hi Jackie,

      Thanking you so very much for the great day – it was so good to have lunch, coffee, chat and even walk on down to the beach for an ice-cream!



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