Seaworld GoldCoast Australia

Yesterday I posted some of the photos from Seaworld GoldCoast Australia – with the promise that I would share more about our magical visit! We have been to many theme parks but would have to say that SeaWorld was one that we all enjoyed – from the Dolphins, to the Jet Ski Stunt Riders, to the Seal Show and even the rides.

Seaworld GoldCoast Australia

Experience Seaworld

 When you walk through the gates of Seaworld they have a Skyhigh Skyway so we waited in line for a ride that went over the main section of the theme park…that way we were able to see where our boys wanted to head to first, and what they wanted to do!

SkyHigh Skyway Seaworld

Kyle Waiting to ride the SkyHigh Skyway

Our First Ride At Seaworld

Of course our boys wanted to head straight to Seaworld Log Ride! Which was the funniest thing….Nicholas was in front of us and had a major “I feel sick” moment and was ready to jump off. Yet he had to hold on and enjoy the ride. Of course afterwards he wanted to go on it again. Seen as the line up was so long, and the Jetski Action Display was about to start, we told him he could go on it again later.

Seaworld Goldcoast

Seaworld Log Ride ~

Nicholas freaked out big time with this ride but so wanted to go on it again 🙂

JetSki Display at Seaworld

Have you ever seen a JetSki go under water, then emerge and keep on going? Well I havent ever seen that happen before yet that is what they were able to do! Flip, Jump, Turn, Roll Over, Go Under, Spin, and manage to miss each other – they sure had the best of the best on those Jet Skis. Gee they were so talented and so skillful to manage to do flips off the ramps, dive in under the water, spin around and come back up.

Jets Ski Stunt Riders at Seaworld

Seaworld Jet Ski Stunt Riders ~

Yes they dive straight into the water!

Sting Ray – Reef Rays

Before the JetSkis we walked past the Sting Ray inclosure. I have never seen anything so grateful move around in the water and yet they have the most deadly barb. I was watching them move around the water smoothly and was thinking about the late Steve Irwin (what a legend) – no wonder why he loved to swim with them and learn more about how the Sting Rays work. At Seaworld GoldCoast Australia the Sting Rays are in an open pool where you are able to pat them as they rise to the surface.

From what we could see the Sting Rays didn’t have their stingers attached? (not sure but that is what we thought?)

Seaworld Goldcoast

Seaworld Sting Rays ~

Where you are able to pat them gently!

Kids Rides

Of course Cameron and Kyle wanted to ride all of the kids Rides while David went in search of what we could have to eat. There was a food court at the entrance as well as one in the middle of Seaworld. Yet the food choices were not as good as the Ricks Cafe American All You Can Eat at Movieworld – that was the best way because they have so much food choices and you can come and go!

seaworld kids rides

Cameron and Kyle riding together!

Seal Show

When we had finished eating our Wraps we headed to the Seal Show – we missed the beginning of the show – but so happy that we made at least part of the show. Our boys were in Stitches…that seal is one clever animal – he was stripped searched (with no clothes on!), was able to travel in and around the stage stopping at certain spots on the stage even though it was so slippy he was what made the show spectacular.

Seaworld Seal Show

Seal Show ~

Incredible how this Seal stole the show 🙂

The Hi-Light Of The Day

The biggest hi-light of the day, and the one show we made sure we could make, was the Dolphin Show. There is some about the Dolphins – you so want to swim with them, and be close to them – they move in the water as if they are a part of the ocean. And those trainers – how do they manage to stay under water so long riding the Dolphins? The relationships between the Dolphins and their Trainers is special – you can feel the love between them.

Dolphins at Seaworld

 Amazing how the trainers can ride the Dolphins

Walking Past Kids Heaven on Earth

When the Dolphin Show had finished we walked past a place that our boys were super keen to explore. Actually we are lucky they did not find “Castaway Bay” upon arrival because we wouldn’t have seen the rest of Seaworld GoldCoast Australia attractions…..they loved every minute – the pirate ships that shoot out water, the hi-ropes and the big cubby house (not sure what you call it, but it was like a cubby house up high!)

Water pirate Boats

Nicholas and Kyle ~

Loved the Water Boats!

Icecream at Castaway Bay

There also was Ice-Creams ~

our boys were in kids heaven on earth – Ice-Creams with Waffle Cones!!!

The End Of the Day

After our boys played and played to their heart’s content it was the end of the day ~ we slowly walked to the entrance….so slowly because we didn’t want to leave…and walked past more Dolphins – they were so cheeky! They started to throw weeds out of the pool and it hit David fair square in the legs. Perfect way to end a Perfect Day.

Seaworld - Dolphins

Dolphins ~

The End of the Day at Seaworld GoldCoast Australia.

We would happily return to Seawold GoldCoast Australia anytime – actually after looking through our photos from the day we so wished we could be there right now!

Have You Been To Seaworld GoldCoast Australia with Your Family?

Sea World Gold Coast



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Please Note :: We were given VIP passes to Seaworld, Movieworld and Wet N Wild. All thoughts and opinions are our own – we were not paid to write this blog post! Cheers.

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