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Sharing My Favorite Schweppes Cocktail

Posted by on December 7, 2011

This is not something that I share at New Life on the Road – but I thought I would share a big secret with you!  But You have to promise that you wont tell anyone?

I am a very cheap drink….it takes me about one glass of red wine and I am gone! I am in happy land – give me two glasses and I am soon in la la land.

Can you image what I would be like with a Schweppes Cocktail?

Sharing My Favorite Schweppes Cocktail

Sharing My favorite Schweppes CocktailSo if I am a very cheap drinker what would I know about My Favorite Schweppes Cocktail? 


I have never tried one, never knew that you could have one but after checking out the Schweppes site I have chosen one that is my all time favorite…Passion Punch.

The name suggests that it gives a punch so I reckon that I would be very happy with one drink, can you imagine what two drinks would do for me :)

Researching Schweppes Cocktails

Seen as how I am Sharing My Favorite Schweppes Cocktail I thought I best do some research so it sounds like I know what I am talking about, and so I can share my reasons why I am even writing about Schweppes Cocktails!

My all time favorite site was where I headed to next….youtube you rock – you even have a video to show me how to make the cocktails….

YouTube Preview Image

Not sure if I can make the cocktails as fast as what you show, or without looking..but I am willing to give it a go! (Did you see the hot cocktail waiter….I give him permission to make me at least one Passion Punch!)

The Ingredients of Passion Punch

The reason I think that my all time favorite Schweppes Cocktail would be Passion Punch is because it has fruit…it has lots of fruit, and a bit of vodka.

See what I am talking about -


  • 60ml premium vodka
  • 30ml passionfruit puree
  • 15ml peach puree
  • 30ml fresh lemon juice
  • 15ml vanilla syrup
  • 30ml Schweppes Agrum Collection White Grape & Passionfruit

 See it has peach, lemon, passionfruit and vanilla syrup – so it must be half healthy! Oh OK it does have 60ML of Vodka (is that a lot in one drink?)

The Main Reason I Am Writing About Something I have No Idea About..

The reason why I am writing about my favorite Schweppes Cocktail is because I would like to win something that I would love to be invited to – exclusive, invite-only Nuffnang Foodathon event at the iconic Stokehouse in St Kilda.

Here are seven reasons why I would love to go to a Christmas party in Melbourne

  • I would love to be in Melbourne – my older son is down there, maybe (only a maybe) I could arrange to meet him in Melbourne…sometimes he gets time off to go to Melbourne?


  • After spending such a short time in Melbourne recently, I vowed that I wanted to go back to experience more of the city!

 Drinking Cocktails

  • As a Mother to five sons, I hardly ever get time to myself…time to attend a party where I could drink cocktails would be the best experience. Of course I would share it with you all here at New Life on the Road!

 (PS- I cant guarantee what would happen if I was to drink more then two cocktails!)


  • The prize comes with an all expenses paid over night stay at a hotel…I so have my fingers crossed that the hotel room has a bath tub or maybe just maybe a spa bath – pretty please say yes!


  • Living in a Motorhome doesnt give us much of an opportunity to attend Christmas Parities. Maybe going to one will get me into the spirit of Xmas?


  • I would love to have one night off… night where I am not a Mum, a wife, a person in charge of everything…please just one night!

See how I could easily say that I have a Favorite Schweppes Cocktail :) Do you think I could Please go to Melbourne?

What Is Your Favorite Cocktail?



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19 Responses to Sharing My Favorite Schweppes Cocktail

  1. Harry Lynn

    Hic ….Burp….Cha Cha Cha ! After 42 years on the wagon [teetotal] the vodka would lay me low for a week I reckon. I’m tempted to try it without the booze. Boosted
    Harry Lynn recently posted..Tribute to Peter “Rusty” McLeod Part 3

    • Lisa

      Hi Harry – too funny :)

      Yeah the fruit bit sounds the best!!!


  2. Bev

    Hi Lisa,

    Great post – just in the mood of celebrating! My favorite cocktail has no Schweppes but it is really yummy – and very lethal. Two of these and you are happy all night – first discovered in a resort in Thailand. You could add Schweppes Soda Water to dilute the strength if you wanted too.

    Bazooka Joe
    30mls Banana Liquor
    30mls Baileys (coffee cream liquor)
    30mls Blue Curacao.

    Mix all in a cocktail shaker with crushed ice.
    Serve in a brandy balloon glass filled with crushed ice.

    Sweet and delicious treat for the festive season!!
    Bev recently posted..Dog Travel Anxiety

    • Lisa

      Hi Bev,

      Oh wow that does sound like a cocktail that would put me under the table!!! Sounds very yummy – I love Baileys :)

      I reckon the Schweppes Soda water would make it a great drink :)

      Love the sound of crushed ice.


  3. Jackie Stenhouse

    You so deserve to go to a christmas party in Melbourne and let your hair down for one night. That schweppes cocktail sounds the best and yes 60ml of vodka is equal to 2 drinks so you definitely would only need 1.
    Jackie Stenhouse recently posted..Thanksgiving Sugar Cookies

    • Lisa

      Hi Jackie,

      Damn…so if I had two Passion Punch Drinks I would be actually drinking four cocktails….Mmm – I would certainly be in La La Land for sure :)


  4. Trish

    Congratulations on your prize , hope you get to see you son
    Trish recently posted..Wordless Wednesday ~ Cheeky Elf on the Shelf – early edition

    • Lisa

      Hi Trish,

      Thanking you so much :) I have my fingers crossed! I so cant wait to get out of my comfort zone and meet other bloggers :)


  5. Renee@WeekendGetawayIdeas

    Hi Lisa,

    you most definitely deserve to go to that Christmas party and try your favourite schweppes cocktail, just to make sure it tastes as good as it sounds ;)
    Renee@WeekendGetawayIdeas recently posted..Christmas Destinations

  6. Kellie

    Congratulations on the win, Lisa. Well done! Enjoy every moment. x
    Kellie recently posted..Alphabet Photography Challenge – U

    • Lisa

      Hi Kellie,

      Thanking you so much for your fantastic congratulations :)


  7. Kerry Lea

    The cocktail sounds interesting. Well done on your win, have a great time, and hope you can catch up with Hayden.

    • Lisa

      Hi Kerry,

      Thanking you for your congratulations!

      Have my fingers crossed that I can see my son.

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