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Skwirk Review And Giveaway

Posted by on April 5, 2014

Seen as how we are homeschooling two of our five sons we were thrilled to be asked to Review Skwirk Online Education {and Give you a chance to win a membership!!}

We have used Skwirk before with Zachery, Nicholas, Cameron and Kyle….a few years back. You can read about that experience within our”Skwirk Review” post.

Now we are more “Natural Learners” or “Unschoolers” I like to let Cameron and Kyle learn by what they are interested in – what they are passionate about….. that way they are actually learning instead of being forced feed information that they can’t remember.

Skwirk Review ::

This time we are having lots of fun because Cameron is now at the age where he can read the information all by himself, and his very into “Science and Technology”  and “History and Geography” – totally his passion!

Kyle is into learning all about Numbers and Skwirk has a wonderful game where he can learn about single digits, double digits and triple digits! The games are keeping Kyle’s attention for periods of time and for an outdoor type of kid that’s a good thing!

Kyle Maths Train


He actually finds this too easy because its only numbers one to 10, when the game goes to the bigger numbers that is when Kyle’s mind is being challenged, which I enjoy watching! At first he could not work  out where to place the trains to have them in order {especially when the number was written in words} but with practice he is getting the idea.

Kyle adding and taking away


The game is teaching Kyle how to add numbers {or take away numbers depending on the game} to reach a target! He has to learn that adding too many numbers at once will go over the Target, and he has 20 moves to complete the game. A huge challenge on many levels.

Using Skwirk at the Library


Kyle find a word


The find a word is perfect for Kyle – he can’t read big words as yet but by adding words here he is starting to recognize and pick out letters that form words.  Such a great way for “Natural Learning” to occur, and such a great boost to Kyle’s reading confidence.

Cameron Maths Game


Cameron is not big on Math’s….its not his strong subject, but this game is starting to get him interested! Yes this game is giving him a Challenge and one he is determined to bet.

Australia Wide is being used


School, Teachers Parents and Students {homeschoolers} Australia Wide are now using Skwirk. Its a learning game, at the same time its an educational game. One that I can see benefit many Children.

**** DRAWBACK *** – its not really a drawback but for travelers who are on limited internet per month {we are} you all might want to go to a local library to use the free WiFi to use Skwirk to save using precious limited internet.


We have a Membership to giveaway to one of our Readers…..and its easy to enter.

ALL You Need To Do Is Enter BY Following These Steps ::

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Kyle :: “I like Skwirk cause its fun”

Cameron :: he likes sharing what he has read after wards….so I guess he is learning without realizing!

Skwirk Review and Giveaway, have you used Skwirk at school or home?

Thanking You Skwirk for letting us review your product and for giving a membership away.



New Life on the Road


* This is a Review and Giveaway, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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12 Responses to Skwirk Review And Giveaway

  1. Angel

    So it is like an app? Is it available for iPad? What age group is it for? Do they have anything for my 8 month old?
    Angel recently posted..OMG I won

    • Lisa

      Hi Angel,

      Great questions! Really not sure if its available on a iPad. Its from Kindergarten through to high school ages…..but maybe your 8 months old might like ABC’s website? They have lots of great games/songs on there? Or there is Reading Eggs – again I am not sure what age group that is for?
      Will get someone from Skwirk to answer your questions :)


  2. Angel

    I thought it might have been for older kids. I’ve started my little one on your baby can read. She loves to chew on the flash cards.
    Angel recently posted..Ways to add to your art collection

    • Lisa

      Hi Angel,

      Here is the reply from the Company :)

      “We are currently adapting the content to work on the iPad. The text, assessments and many of the animations/videos will work, but we are converting the remainder.

      We cover from Kindy-Year 10, but parents can change the childs year at any time during the trial”


  3. Little Gumnut

    I’d love to try this with the kids…I think they might quite like it and given that there’s a no homework policy at school now, I’m keen to see if they’ll do learning by themselves.
    Little Gumnut recently posted..Chocolate, Jesus and the bee in my bonnet

    • Lisa

      I reckon your four daughters would love it :) Good to hear they don’t have Homework after school. Wondering if the school uses Skwirk? Some schools are using the program as part of their curriculum :)

  4. Sarah

    Great blog! I’ve read about this app before and think my younger guys would love it :D
    Sarah recently posted..Rescue on the High Seas

    • Lisa

      HI Sarah,

      Thanks ! They sure would ;) It’s not an app yet but it will be soon :)


  5. Chont

    To supplement my children’s schooling. They’re tech savvy and I only want them playing educational games if they’re going to be spending time using technology. One son is autistic, so this is ideal for him. Classroom setting is difficult for him, but visual computer programs really grab and hold his attention and aid his learning.

    • Lisa

      That sounds like an idea program for your Son :) Both our boys LOVE computers, and like you I really prefer our boys to be learning when online.

  6. Joshua

    Hi Lisa! Wow, I stumbled across your website whilst looking for Mercedes Motorhomes in Australia. My girlfriend and I are about to start a life on the road with our 6 week old son. In a few years we’re upgrading to a motorhome (beginning the search early :)) and we’ll be home schooling too, Skwirk will be a great resource for our boy. We hope to see you on the road one day, we’re very young nomads.

    • Lisa

      Hi Joshua,

      Massive congratulations on your young family travelling on the road….best up bringing for kids ever :) What a great life your son is going to have. So good that we are able to connect, sure be great to meet on the road!


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