Small Motorhome Water Tanks

Now that our Motohrome is back David has been super busy trying to work on the issues that we have always had, and have always put up with! You know that saying “Never enough time when you have the money, and never enough money when you have the time” – yeah we have had lots of projects needed to be done on our Motorhome that the very Small Motorhome Water Tanks have always been pushed to the side and forgotten about!

The tanks have started leaking again – they leaked on/off over the years and he has repaired them that many times that its not worth fixing. He pulled the three tanks out – way to small for our sized family – and decided one of them is beyond repairing and has left the other two sitting in the grass underneath to see if the leak is now fixed.

But its not a long term solution – the best solution would be for us to build tanks that could hold at least twice the amount of water these ones could hold – the ideal solution would be to buy a Newer/Bigger Coach – rip out the seats and start from scratch {he has so many wonderful ideas going through his head at the moment!} but for the time being – we are working with what we have.

And yes we would love Big Stainless Steel Tanks – one of our sons suggested that we build a tank the length of the bus {underneath} so we could hold more water….now what a smart son we have! If only it was that easy a solution.

sorting out the inside of the motorhome


We are still trying to sort out every cupboard inside – we have a lot of stuff that we realise we haven’t seen or used for 8 months so we don’t really need it. So far one trailer load of rubbish has been taken to the tip, one very full Campervan full of stuff to lifeline and I think that we will have more yet to deal with {the trailer load of rubbish was from stuff sitting in our Shipping Container that we didn’t need or use!}

Very small motorhome water tanks


So now only two are being used, and we are careful with our water. When you are staying at a Farm that is on tank water, and it hasn’t rained in so very long, you have to start thinking about how precious water is!

David has made a “Wooden Box” that collects our Shower Water – and so far it hasn’t leaked. It was sealed with the right paint and its held together well – I haven’t got a picture of it yet so when I can I will update the blog post with one!

He built the “Wooden Box” and sealed it, and wouldn’t let me share it until he was sure the experiment would work. Well it has been over three years and that very box is in the best condition so I reckon the Grey Water Tank worked well!

Do You Have Big Water Tanks In Your Motorhome?



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