Spaceships Rentals Review – Our Experience

A few weeks ago we took a Road Trip down to Eden. I am still to trying to update our magical three days down there – so far I have shared Waldron Swamp Rest AreaEden Whale Festival, Eden Killer Whale Museum, Eden Fascinating Sites – still have lots more of our adventures from down there to share!

To get to the Eden Whale Festival {and to see all of Eden} we used a Spaceship Campervan Rental from Sydney. Actually I was not keen to return the vehicle, I would have loved to keep it and drive all over Australia with it!!!

Our Experience With Spaceship Rentals ::

We arrived early in the morning {I think it was a Thursday} to pick up the Spaceship Campervan, we had stayed at our oldest son’s place over night because he was only around the corner from the company {which was so very handy when we dropped it back off on the Tuesday cause he picked us up to take us to the Train Station!!!}

Having fun at Spaceship Campervan Rentals


Our three boys were keeping busy, having fun playing while waiting for the paperwork to be filled out, and the Campervan ready. The staff were so very friendly, and we were given a tour of how to use all of the features of the Spaceship.

From there we went back to our Motorhome to pack up the Campervan with all of our Camping Gear, Clothes etc and then hit the road.  Staying overnight in at the Rest area that was half way to Eden, and from there driving through on the Friday morning to explore where to stay down in Eden, and what to do. Our first stop was Eden Tourist Park to speak with the friendly staff about where to stay and what to do while there for the Whale Festival!

Spaceship Campervan at our motorhome


Kyle sleeping in the Space+ship


We had Cameron set up in a Tent for the first night and the second night. The third night it was FREEZING so we had to make room for all of us in the Campervan, and we did well! Cameron used the Front Seat, laying it down as far as possible, Kyle used the Campervan Mattress at the front – laying side ways and then I lay near the back door. It was a great way to keep warm when it was so very cold outside.

Back Cover on the Campervan


The Back Cover is great for extra leg room, and great for having the feeling of camping in the outdoors cause the outside is connected to the inside. Mind you I did struggle with some of the Press Studs, and kept thinking wouldn’t it be great if it had a Zipper for easier use! Not sure how a zipper can be connected to the back of the Spaceships but it would be easier for then struggling!!!

Cooking outside


cooking set up


When I was shown how to set up the extras, via the wonderful Staff at Spaceships Sydney, I was thinking “Gosh I wont be using that cooking facilities” but I used it on Friday for the first time, and then for nearly every meal I set it up to use because it made cooking meals so much easier 🙂

Breakfast Time with the Spaceship


We even stopped over night at rest stop {on the side of the Road} and cooked our Breakfast in the morning on the Cooking tray. After having a warm Cup of Tea, Baked Beans for breaky it was time to head off exploring! The way the Campervan is set up for travelers is really handy, it made our morning meals easier.

Parked at Ulladulla


Spaceships Travellers Adventures


After our magical weekend we had a very dirty Spaceship Campervan, but I did wash it {twice} before taking it back to the Company, as well as giving it a good clean out inside cause that was my way of saying “thank you” from New Life on the Road Family!

Washing the Spaceship Campervan


“Earmuffs” is now clean! We loved Our Experience With Spaceship Rentals – actually I love their motto “For Travellers Adventures” cause that is so very true.

Features ::

  • Comes with all bedding
  • Has a fridge for food
  • DVD player included
  • Camps 6 Book Included {mind you I took our Camps 7 book because I wanted to be able to see pictures of where to stay}
  • All cooking utensils included
  • 2 Gas BBQ cookers included along with 2 gas cylinders
  • Set up for cooking next to the campervan
  • Small table provided for inside {Kyle learnt to set that up and use}
  • Mattress provided for sleeping
  • Storage Space at the Back, under the mattress
  • Back door cover, great to keep mozzies out!

Liked The Most ::

  • The way I could cook right next to the Spaceship – the cooking bar set up was really handy
  • How easy the Campervan was to drive
  • How much space there is for sleeping in the back
  • The DVD player to keep both boys happy while I was driving
  • The back cover to give us more leg room and to make it feel like the outside was connected to the inside
  • The Sunroof – both boys loved waking up to look up to see outside, and even loved watching the stars at night time.
  • The handy Fridge to keep our food cold.

Improvements ::

  • Easier way to add the back door cover on – maybe it was because it was late at night and I was tired but I struggled with doing a few of the press studs up!
  • Add a few Outdoor Chairs for when pulled up – I thought to take ours with us but forget in the rush to get on the road in time!
  • A small camping table {like a card table} for ease with making meals.
  • Upgrading the Camps 6 books to Camp 7

Would I Use Spaceships Campervans again?

Yes I would, and I would recommend them to family, friends, travellers here in Australia and overseas – we had a magical easy stay in Eden because we parked anywhere, and also meet other Spaceships along the way ~ it was incredible to see another one and so exciting when they waved/beeped their horn at us – both Cameron and Kyle were spun out by the way other travellers were so very friendly!

Thanking you to Spaceship Campervans, and to you Our Readers – Because of you our trip was possible.

Please note ~ Yes we were provided a Spaceship Rental for our family travels but I was not asked to write this review, I was not paid to say anything nor would I accept money for my thoughts! All other day to day living expenses was provided through our family and we were so very grateful for the experience of working with the company.

Have You Travelled With Spaceship Rentals?

Have You Been To Eden?



New Life on the Road.

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2 thoughts on “Spaceships Rentals Review – Our Experience

  • December 2, 2014 at 1:51 pm

    Ha, this isn’t what I expected when I saw the title. But, after reading further on I can see there is a lot “spaceship” to it! Those are a lot of amenities packed into a little van and great suggestions on the chairs and table. My gosh, I’m obviously doing something wrong – all my blogger friends get offered cruises, meals, Spaceship van…but ol’ Mikey, nada! 🙂 How much does that van cost per day normally, Lisa?? Great write up and I’m glad all of you had a wonderful time! 🙂
    Mike recently posted..Happy Thanksgiving To My Daddy And Our Friends! A Love Story

    • May 20, 2015 at 3:48 pm

      Thanks Mike, we had so much fun on that trip – something my boys will remember for years to come!
      We loved our experience with Spaceships Campervan…not sure how much they cost per day, there is a link to their company in the blog post 🙂


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