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Staying At Frankston Melbourne

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Posted by on February 3, 2012

This is not a review on where we stayed (as in Hotels!) because I would never review a hotel that I would not recommend! But this is a review about Staying At Frankston Melbourne.

Hi-Lights Of Frankston

Those words “Location, Location, Location” are so very true. Frankston is about an hour from Melbourne City and is also near the most gorgeous beaches.

Going for a Scenic drive along the coast (from the navy base back to Frankston) took our breathe away. The curvey roads revealed more and more on each bend…looking out over the water it was so blue, so clear, the sand was a perfect colour and the little cute beach “Huts” gave it a mediterraean feel to the place.

There was the beach on one side of the car and the other side were houses and shops. The houses almost felt like you were in Enlgand as they were built with so much character, and had vines growing up their side of the brick work. One house even had a sign on the front of the building “Annie Of Green Gables” – so cute!

Beaches in Melbourne

Frankston Park ~

Park on the Beach…playing late at night due to the wonderful day light savings!

It was a great way to see the outer Melbourne, going for a country drive taking it all in!

Staying At Frankston

If you do want to stay somwhere in Frankston then make sure you book ahead. As the best hotels (not where we managed to get a room!) fill up really fast.

We highly recommend that you stay at “Quest Franskston“. Not because we used the hotel (we couldnt find a room big enough for our family due¬†me leaving our bookings so late!!) but because of their friendly professional responses to the emails that New Life on the Road sent them. We did drive past Quest Franskton and it sure looked good on the outside.

For Food (that the whole family can eat!) you can have your pick of restaurants. From Thai, to chinese, to Indian and Italian. We chose a fantastic place called “La Porchetta” where there was a huge selection of Pizza and also pasta…plus salads!

Restaurants in Melbourne

La Porchetta Restaurants

Pizza n Pasta!

We selected six different pizzas and were able to share them between the 11 of us – with pizza left over for Breakfast!

Pizza and Pasta

Eating Pizza with all of us!

If you want to cater for your own meals then there are places like Woolworths, I.G.A and Aldi. There are also many BBQ areas along the parks at the beach fronts.

Due to day light savings we were able to play at parks way past their normal bed times…our three younger boys were able to play until after 9.00pm – so glad we didnt have to wake up early Saturday morning!

Luckily for us the hotel we stayed in had thick heavy curtains. So our boys were able to sleep in past 8.00am – something they have not done in so very long :)

All in all our stay in Frankston served our short stay in Melbourne, but if you were looking for something that is closer to Melbourne then we highly recommend staying at St Kilda. There is a beach also at St Kilda, and its closer to the inner city! With way more choices to be made for food :)

staying at Frankston

We Loved The Parks in Frankston!

What Area of Melbourne Do You Like To Stay At (or live in?)?


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6 Responses to Staying At Frankston Melbourne

  1. Dorothy @ Singular Insanity

    So close and you never stopped by to say hello!

    I never thought I’d see a review of Frankston on a blog, but thank you for publishing it. Most people have such a negative view of the place, but it’s not all bad. The parks and playgrounds and beaches really ARE amazing.

    I agree with the food choices, though. Not that much around…. Unless you know where to look :)
    Dorothy @ Singular Insanity recently posted..Records for Reluctant Readers – Guinness World Records 2012 Giveaway

    • Lisa

      Hi Dorothy,

      Oh I didnt realise that you lived near Frankston :) I so would have meet you guys for a play in the park!! We loved the sun going down late at night – so that we could play a lot longer!

      Maybe next time we can meet up?


  2. jan

    Glad you loved your trip. You sure packed a lot into 3 days!

    • Lisa

      Hi Jan,

      It was a magical 3 days! Would have loved to do more, see more and be there for longer :)

      Cant wait to get on the road!


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