Staying At The Sunshine Coast

Gosh are we having fun Staying At The Sunshine Coast. There is so much for our boys to do, and for them to explore! They are not sure where to go first, and what to do next. We were so lucky to live on acreage for the last 7 months, now we are so lucky to be close to the beaches, and to live in a Caravan Park in our Motorhome. Actually we have found the best Caravan Park on the Sunshine Coast…where we are charged a set fee and not per child!

Staying At The Sunshine Coast

After driving down to the Sunshine Coast area on Wednesday we were all tired. David was more then tired, he was dangerously over tired. I was worried about his driving on the road with the bus, especially considering how late it was in the afternoon when we set off! So on the Thursday David suggested we all take a day off and head to the beach. I have never seen the boys move that fast, nor have that got ready so quickly! We spent nearly all of our time at Coolum Beach, or in the Playground.

Staying At The Sunshine Coast

Kyle Playing at the Beach at Coolum on Thursday

Having fun at the Sunshine Coast

Nicholas Playing At Coolum Beach

Shopping At The Sunshine Coast

On Friday we had to go shopping. We really need food for our hungry boys – gosh can they eat! And coffee. I have to have a coffee every morning when I get out of bed and it has to be really good coffee. Not instant cheap coffee, it has to be organic plunger coffee first thing. Actually so far the best coffee we have come across is Aldi Coffee. I love the smell and the taste of Aldi Coffee! (Thank you to all those wonderful people that helped with giving us suggestions of where to shop!)

Before we went shopping at the Sunshine Coast we decided to stop at a park at Nambour so that the boys could have fun and enjoy themselves, plus run off their energy!

Staying at the Sunshine coast area

One of the Remembrance Statues in the Nambour Park!

Sunshine Coast area

Gardens at Nambour Park

Going For A Drive Sunshine Coast

Buderim Area – Driving Through our Favorite Area on the Sunshine Coast

Visiting The Ginger Factory

Yesterday (Saturday) we went to the Ginger Factory. We have been there before but we wanted to go back again! They have the most amazing stores, where you can buy anything that relates to Ginger, to even teddy bears! Our boys loved walking in there and seeing everything that was in each store. As you walk through the front doors you are in the main section that is full of colourful products such as ginger Breads, kitchen gadgets, food, coffee, hand creams, skin care products, Pizza cooking accessories, jars of spices/sauces/pickles/and even jars of Bum Hummers!

Ginger Factory Sunshine Coast

David was in Heaven! He was loving all the cooking gadgets!

Ginger Factory

And Zac was loving the Pizza Stone section!

Ginger Factory

The Bee Skin Care Range – Yep we all loved this section!

Ginger Factory

Trying to work out if I could fit any more coffee cups into our bus!

Ginger Factory

Yep – the boys all wanted to buy these! Bum Hummers – 1,000 farts in a jar….umm does that mean 1,000 farts x five boys (hubby plus the four boys?)

 Ginger Factory

Wanted to get this for David but we are trying to be very carefully that we don’t end up with Stuff that we don’t need!

After The Ginger Factory

We thought about going to the beach again after going to the Ginger Factory but we were too tired! It was so good to actually come home and lay down. The boys all watched a DVD while David and I laid down on our bed  (we both fell asleep!). We had the air-con on – was it hot where you are? –  it sure had trouble trying to keep up with the heat wave!

So far we are really enjoying Staying At The Sunshine Coast Area. We love the laid back lifestyle of the Caravan Park we are in, we love that our boys are having fun at the beaches, and we love that we are living on the Road.

What have you been doing in the last week that you have really enjoyed?



PS – Our visit to the Ginger Factory yesterday was chosen by our family. All opinions and views are our own.

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