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Stotts Island Environment Centre :: Crossing The Boarder

Posted by on February 4, 2013

It was so weird, crossing the boarder and not even having time to stop and realise! When we drove out of our David’s Bosses place on the Saturday (really late on the afternoon) 19th of January our one aim was to get over the boarder, and our next aim was to find somewhere free to park our Motorhome over night.

I was happy to park along the beach front at Kingscliffe , but David (and Zachery) was concerned at how close we would have been to the two caravan parks that were in the town.

So even though we were all tired, hungry and looking forward to stopping we drove on a bit futher until we reached Stotts Island Environment Centre.

Parked at Stotts Island Environment Centre

Our First Night In NSW

It was late so we put up the curtains on the front windows, got out for toilet breaks and to see if there was any showers around. They only had composting toilets so we used them, and used our shower for the night. With six of us, and only a limited amount of water we were hoping to stop somewhere where they had showers!

The couple that were parked behind us lets us know about the mozzies – they were bad! So the fly screens had to be put back into all the windows.

Closed For Repairs

Closed For Repairs

Would Have Been Good To Explore Over The Bridge ~

But it was getting repairs done to it…wonder if it was from flooding?

It seemed sureal to be across into New South Wales, and at first I was disappointed that it happened so quickly that I didnt get time for anyone to take photos (there was no where to stop and take photos of the statues that states you are in NSW!!)…..but at the same time I was really happy because our Motorhome had made it across the Brisbane Bridge without any issues.


Parked Next To The Water at Stotts Island Environment Centre

Parked Next To The Water at Stotts Island Environment Centre

Parked Next To The Water ~

Great place to stay!

It seems that the blocked fuel lines that David replaced did the trick – some of the hills that were to come ahead of our journey from Queensland to New South Wales were so very steep, and sometimes David was lucky if he could do 40 up them (if he could get enough run up before the hill he could maybe get the bus up to 80)…yet after our trip from Bundaberg to the Sunshine Coast we sure were counting our blessings!

The Building For Toilets and Information

The Building For Toilets and Information

Stotts Island Environment Centre ::

Our first night in New South Wales – where we all tried to get as much sleep as possible before having to travel more distances the next day! And we were so surprised with how much greener the land looked compared to the dry dust of QLD.

It was good to be camping free, and I so could easily see us doing more of that very soon – a great way to see Australia without having to pay the heavy fees that some caravan parks like charge! They see us and then ask us how many kids we have – the more kids the more money they like to charge!!

Wildlife Information in the area

Wildlife Information in the area

wildlife in the area

Wildlife Information in the Stotts Island Environment Centre

Good To Be Able To Read About The Local Area

Toilet Block

Taps on each corner of the building for water

 There was Water For Usuage ~

Taps on each corner of the Building!

Great place for free camping!

Great place for free camping!

Not sure how long you can stay there but I think its about 24 hours? We were there over night, leaving early the next morning. Sunday meant we had at least twice as much driving ahead!

Have You Stayed at the Environment Centre before?

Thanking you for following our Journey.



New Life on the Road.

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3 Responses to Stotts Island Environment Centre :: Crossing The Boarder

  1. budget jan

    Looks like a great place to stay Lisa.
    budget jan recently posted..Fantastic Friday in Milford Sound

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