Sunset Massages Giving You A Free Massage

Some of you might know, some of you might not know! But I have a Business called “Sunset Massages” – haven’t really made it work in the last 12 months cause I haven’t had the time. Now I am making the time to turn this into a business and I want it to work.

Funny enough the only reason I am so focused and determined to make this work is because of the “Magnesium Oils” benefit that we have had with our family. We have tried LOTS of products over the years for all of our family – we have even been part of MLM companies with products that we have tried to work as a business {sorry family and friends!} but nothing really worked for us because we couldn’t see the benefits personally.

And yet this time I have seen first hand how well Magnesium Oils works with Cameron. I have seen first hand how well the Amazing Oils works with David. I have seen how well the Amazing Oils works for Kyle, for me and for even our Dog. Yes pets can use it too!

Now we are using it on David’s Mum for the pain and the lack of sleep – it the first time in years she feels like she has slept “like a log” – the best night sleep she has had in years. And that makes us all happy.

I love working with regular clients, to see the benefits that they are getting with massages and now are getting with the magnesium oils as I am combining both – at first most people can not handle the “Straight” Magnesium on their skin so I use it with Cold Pressed Grapeseed Oil. Slowly decreasing the carrier oil to I can use the Straight Magnesium oils on their skin.



Sunset Massages Giving You A Free Massage

And the best news is that I have a Competition over at Sunset Massages. To giveaway a Free One Massage to all those that “Share” the Sunset Facebook Page, Like the page, and comment on the Page what massage they would like. If you are not in the Bundaberg area still enter, I could be in your town of Australia and still honor the free hour! Or you could “Gift” it to someone who lives in the area.

I also think the Magnesium Oils is helping me to focus, to stay focused, to have a goal, and to have a purpose in life. Everyone is actually lacking in Magnesium in our bodies, and we don’t realise how much we rely on the magnesium for every organ of our body.

Working With Regular Clients :

I love working with regular clients – I get to work on their bodies, know where they are needing more attention, find out how they like their massage, know what they like and don’t like. Its all about building a relationship, working out their needs, and listening to what they are saying. At first I used to be really shy about touching another person body, now I look forward to working on helping them achieve their goals.

Its about letting the person know that I am going to take care of their body. I know what I feel like when I go to a massage therapist for the very first time, its scary putting your body into someone else hands, its scary thinking about them seeing your body, but I want every one of my clients to know that you are safe – I am a professional massage therapist who will take care of your body in the way you like – let me know what you do like, let me know what you don’t like – I will listen.

So head on over to enter Sunset Massages – Giving You A Free Massage competition – looking forward to seeing who will win!

If you are keen to become a regular client then please contact me either here on the blog, over on Sunset Massages Facebook page or email me

Massages are in the comfort of your own home, and I work on weekends with week days booked by prior arrangement. Happy to do bulk bookings in one day {works well I have more than 4 massages in one place as I don’t have to charge traveling costs!}

Looking forward to meeting you all.

Sunset Massages Giving You A Free Massage – wished I could give you all a free massage, but hey book your massage and you will see the benefits, enter the competition and you never know who will win.

Lets Get This Business Really Going! Share the facebook page please <—–> SUNSET MASSAGE, the benefits of the amazing oils needs to be shouted from the roof tops. Everyone has a business, so share yours! If you are a stay at home Mum who has a business on online or offline – share it in the comments of the blog post. Would love to be able to support each and everyone of you all.

Get Your Free Massage, Enter as many times as you like. Become a regular client and see the benefits of what the oils can do for you.

Order your oils – yes I can deliver the oils to your doorstep if you live in Bundaberg, or you can pay p&h fee and I can send them via post 🙂

Whats Your Purpose In Life?

Being thinking about this very question in the last few weeks! I have been fired up with a burning desire to turn my goals, my dreams into a reality. Sunset Massage is the first step to reaching those goals and dreams. I have never ever wanted a Business to work as much as this – so I am putting it out there to the universe. If you are in need of change then lets work together to make that happen.

Lets Get This Party Happening.



New Life On The Road.




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