Sydney To Hobart Yacht Race

Its that time of year again! The Sydney To Hobart Yacht Race, where the best of the best compete against each other. I remember as a young girl being dragged out by my Parents to a Picnic to watch the Race sail by. Mind you we were on the Shore and all the yachts were way out to sea so we had no idea who we were cheering on, but it was still fun!

I remember not wanting to go to watch the race, and then not wanting to leave to go home…..

Gosh that was a long time ago, and now here I sit thinking about the 2013 Race. Wondering who will cross the finish line safely, who will need assistance and who will be badly sunburnt, who will have chapped lips, sore muscles and wishing it was over!

Do know one thing, New Life on the Road wishes them all a great race.

Have You Ever Been Out At Sea While the Race Sails on by?

Now that would be a blast…to see it up close. What would be better still would be a crew member on board. There is one Yacht that I will be keeping an eye on ~ Perpetual Loyal. Only for the reason that they have a top crew set up with a great outlook ::

“Loyal and Perpetual share a passion for delivering excellence through strong team work – CEO and Managing Director”

CREW on Board the Yacht


Incredible Speeds the Yacht Can Reach~

Image Source 

With that attitude they are bound for glory!

Actually with the 24 Crew Members on board, all hand picked and the best of the best at their chosen sports, but with one of our most favorite person on board they are destined for great things….Jessica Watson ~ if you remember she sailed around the world solo and our family followed her journey online as she succeeded.

What captured our attention was how young Jessica was, how she was well traveled and homeschooled along the way with her families travels. It Gives us courage to keep homeschooling our boys!

Her bravery was one that all of our boys took notice of, as I am sure many others have.

Jessica Watson Sailing


Can’t Wait To Watch Jessica ~

On board the yacht for the 2013 race!

Image Source

Facts and Figures ::

Now I am not that much into the details and fine prints but for those of you that are here are some interesting Facts and Figures!

Between The 2013 Hand Picked Crew They Have the Following ::

  • Over 75 Sydney Hobart Races Finished
  • 7 Sydney Hobart Line Honours
  • 4 America Cups Victories
  • Over 20 America’s Cup Campaigns !!

Perpetual Facts and Figures ::

  • Over $3million raised for Charities supported by the Loyal Foundation {You All Know HOW Much Charities Mean to us!!}
  • 100 FT in Length
  • 49 Knots Fastest Record Speed {Don’t understand Knots so is that fast?}

The Fun Part of the Race ::

There is now a count down to the race! Its only 13 Days 22 Hours until the biggest race takes off. On the 26th December 2013 the race begins.

Where will you be when that happens?

Actually we will be spending time at my oldest son’s place which has a HUGE TV so I will be closely following Perpetual Loyal, the beginning of the race and who will be crossing the finish line.

Its gonna be good, it would be better watching it live on a Ship out at Sea ~ Imagine that! Being close enough to hear the excitement of the grew members, see the start of the race, hear the crowd roar when they signal the gun to get it under way….

being part of the nerves, hopes and dreams of them all……

Oh yeah now that would be the best seat in the house!

On board a TV crew Boat or on board a gorgeous yacht 🙂

Oh well a Girl can dream, can’t she?

Instead will be following it online with Race Updates, over on twitter, #PerpetualLOYAL and instagram {We LOVE using Instagram more than any other social media platform}

And like I said that BIG TV screen will be locked onto the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.

Do You Have  A Favorite Yacht You Will Be Watching?

What about the Famous Crew Members?

Who is your favorite all time sailor? It would have to be Jessica Watson for us, she gave us such inspriation!

But then again with all of the great looking crew members on Board – Tom Slingsby, Phil Waugh, Jude Bolton, Gullaume Brahimi, Larry Emdur, Karl Stefanovic….. {gosh I would be too star struck by Larry to actually be any use for the Crew Members on board!!!}

Perpetual Loyal Crew Members


TWO crew members ~

enjoying a Guillaume Brahimi’s gourmet bacon and egg rolls

Image Source

You see its going be one of those races that everyone is talking about.

No Matter Who Wins

No Matter Who Succeeds, its the trying that counts.

Its starting and crossing the line with all crew members together that counts. Its being out there and having fun!!

So From Us To All Those That Are In the Sydney To Hobart Yacht Race ~ Make It A Good One.



New Life on the Road

*** this is a sponsored blog post but all the words, expressions, thoughts, well wishes and good cheer are my own!! ****

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4 thoughts on “Sydney To Hobart Yacht Race

  • December 12, 2013 at 7:15 pm

    Ya know, Lisa, I saw the subject to your post on my email Subscription notification for your blog. And the very first thing that occurred before even opening it up was I felt warmer. As in how brutally freezing cold it’s been here in Reno the past week and now I would get to read about sailing in Australia! I LOVE, LOVE that you mentioned Jessica Watson as I TOO followed her sailing trek online (sorry for yelling)! It was such an amazing feat and I remember when they fell out of touch with her for a bit on one leg. Major kudos always to you for the fantastic job you’ve done with home schooling your boys. I hope you pat yourself on the back daily. Because you deserve it! 🙂
    Mike recently posted..My Top 10 +1 Favorite Christmas Movies

  • January 22, 2014 at 9:08 pm

    I love yachts and the ocean and love reading books about round the world single handed sailors. Jessica showed so much determination and character to achieve what she did. I must admit to feeling worried every time there is a Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race in case there is bad weather and people are injured. I have never had a picnic watching the race – you were lucky Lisa!
    budget jan recently posted..Tuesday in Townsville The Queens Hotel

    • January 28, 2014 at 2:27 pm

      Jan, I love Jessica, she set out to achieve a goal and succeeded 🙂

      The Picnic was when I was younger, and I now realise how lucky I was to see the race !!


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