10 Must Have Items When Living In A Motorhome

There are many things that I would love to have in our Motorhome….a bath tub, a normal toilet (is there such a thing as a Normal Toilet?), more bunk beds, new paint job on the outside, and hubby would love an oven.

But we live comfortably with what we have, and we have learnt to co-exist  in small tight spaces happily. When we look back on all that we have (I mean David has) changed in our Motorhome I came to realise that there are some things that we must have!

10 Must Have Items When Living In A Motorhome.

1. A secure Front Door. David put in a Caravan Door and Fly Screen so that we could lock up safely at night. Our old Bus Door was the original door and had no way of locking it up!

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