Any Question Answered Continues

Last week I asked on Facebook if anyone had ideas on what I could write about, and have Any Question Answered if you were willing to ask the question. I had a few questions that I had answered in a previous vlog, and then I had some fresh questions to answer, with Any Question Answered Continues today as I had run out of room last week 🙂

Any Question Answered Continues

Any Question Answered ContinuesIf I answered your question here, then thank you for asking them. If I am yet answer your questions, then I so hope that I can do so today! Any Question Answered Continues, with providing an insight into our family, our life, and our plan to travel. If you are still wondering about any aspect of our Life on the Road, then please ask away below this post 🙂

Robin O’Neal Smith asked the questions on facebook “Do you cook most meals or eat out? Do you all get sick of each other being in such close quarters? How do you get some private time for yourself? How about for you and your husband”

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