Apollo Motorhome Relocations Specials

Thanking you Twitter! Recently I came across a deal on twitter, and at first I thought it must be a joke…but I clicked on the link, and I have since spoken to Apollo via email.

 Apollo Motorhome Relocations Specials

There is a special deal with Apollo Motorhome Relocations Specials. If you want to travel in style, and want to save some money, then driving a motorhome from one area to another area for fantastic deal is the way to go. I will have more details here soon (and photos soon) but if you are keen to find out exactly what deals they do have then visit Apollo Camper Relocations

Apollo Motorhome Relocations Specials

Photo ~ courtesy of Google!

Will have more photos and details soon!

You will not believe how amazing the deals are! From as little as a $1.00 a day…YES you read right – go on, check out the link!

Thought I would share one that I discovered on youtube….




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