CNNGO Five Rules of Travelling With Kids Are You For Real

CNNGO Five Rules of Travelling With Kids Are You For Real

This is not going to be one of my normal articles. So I am going to give you a heads up and a warning! If you do not want to read any further than I understand…and if you are one of my regular readers (for whom I love and am so grateful to!) I am saying sorry straight up.

But I Read About CNNGO Article

I am sorry but I was reading an article from CNNGO about “Five Rules of Travelling With Kids” and all I could keep thinking about was “Are You For Real“?

Now I am not a child expert, nor am I a child behaviour expert, nor have I studied at Uni with any courses on how to travel with children, raise children or even have degrees on the subject. BUT I do have children and I do travel.

The article that I was reading was so wrong – it made out like us Parents don’t know how to travel with children, and that children should not be seen or heard – or at least so worn out during the day that travelling becomes possible. It also sounded like we should feed them on anything that is lacking in nutrients so they stay happy???

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