Australia Zoo

When we lived in Glasshouse Mountains {many moons ago!} we used to have a Family Pass to Australia Zoo – where I could take our boys for a few hours whenever we wanted, and see “More” of each section of the Zoo without the pressure of rushing from one spot to another.

Now that we are here on the Sunshine Coast I was thinking about what we could do because we have really seen most of this area already – and so one thing lead to another and we now have yearly passes once again. This is our Family very early Christmas Present to our boys! And to us parents – we love exploring the Australia Zoo as much as they do.

On Friday {last week} David came home from work and we rushed out the door to activate our passes and to check out the new sections that we hadn’t seen. As soon as we got there we jumped onto the Zoo Train to take us to the “African” section and “Bindi Island”. We also wanted to catch the crocosuem crocodile show but for some reason it wasn’t on at 2.30pm – it was at one of the smaller Crocodile enclosures which we decided there was too many people for us to see anything.

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Oh How We Miss Australia Zoo

We used to live in Glasshouse Mountains, actually that is where we were living when I jumped onto eBay and purchased our Motorhome!!! It was a house located so close to Australia Zoo, giving us the chance to have yearly Passes. I was working night shifts while David was being “Mr Mum”

I would come home from work and get a few hours sleep and then we would head to the Australia Zoo for the afternoon. A great way to explore different parts of the Zoo, and spend time seeing different animals….was also great because we never had to rush to see everything, and be everywhere at once.

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What Does Australia Zoo Have To Do With New Life on the Road

Are you wondering What Australia Zoo Have To Do With New Life on the Road? Well I wish that I had the most exciting news to share with you…but I still have something to share about Australia Zoo. You see, we have been communicating with Australia Zoo via the phone, and with emails. We are excited to let you all know that we……

Australia Zoo and New Life on the Road Have A Deal?

New life on the road at Australia Zoo

David and Kyle at Australia Zoo – 2010

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