On the weekend David and I had to be in Rockhapmton for a conference on the Sunday called “Put Your Hand Up” – and I was keen to find The Best Hotel In Rockhampton, and I think that without a doubt I find it – it had a King Size Bed and a Bath Tub, what more could we ask for?

Its called the Denison Boutique Hotel and I found it on LastMinute Website – with breakfast part of the package deal David was sold on the idea of us staying there.

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Moree Artesian Aquatic Centre

After we stayed at the free camping spot – which we will return to as soon as we can because it was amazing – “Yarramalong Weir Free Camping” we had a destination in mind – a place we have had on our bucket list for a very long time. And nothing was going to stop us along the way to reach Moree Artesian Aquatic Centre.

I have always wanted to visit a Hot Springs – I love water. Its good for the skin, the soul and the mind. And after trying to pick a Prickly Pear Fruit from the road side the water was so very soothing for the hands…Yeah Number one Tip of Traveling Australia ::

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No Jab No Pay No Australia

Look I am not against the Jab, and I am not for the Jab. Its a personal family decision to NOT have some of our boys Immunized. Our two Navy sons don’t have a choice, they have every needle you can ever think about and then some more – actually they have way too many that are not necessary but because they have to be “Sea Ready” they have no say.

And that’s what I am writing about with the No Jab No Pay No Australia topic. Its totally fine to have your child immunized after all its your child. Its totally fine not to have your child immunized after all its your child. Its your family. Its your choice.

But with our Government {don’t get me started on my thoughts about our stupid Prime Minister} we no longer have any choices.

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Smiths Crossing Fishing On Fathers Day

On Fathers Day we were able to celebrate the day with both David and his Dad! It was special even though all of our boys were not able to be with us {insert sad face here!!}

And we wanted to all get out of David’s parents house so we headed to Smiths Crossing Fishing on Fathers Day was the general idea- which by the way is no longer a crossing – the last floods 2 years ago destroyed the bridge that badly that the council decided it was not worth trying to fix it. So the people on the other side of the creek can no longer meet the School bus in the mornings or the afternoons and have to find another way home.

As soon as we got out of the car our baby {who will always be my baby even though he is now 10} ran off down to the creek with his fishing rod and tackle kit. He lives for fishing!

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Holidays with Kids: 5 Nature-Based Activities to Do in Australia

Going on holiday with your kids should be fun and educational at the same time. You want your kids to learn but to also enjoy themselves rather than being so bored they’d prefer to stay home! Australia is known for being a kid-friendly destination, bursting with plenty of educational and fun nature-based activities and attractions. Here’s a look at just five of the possibilities.

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The Bedford Broke Down

David has been working on our Bedford for weeks and weeks, with little sleep, lots of very heavy lifting and so many sweat, tears and heaps of money put into getting our Motorhome ready for our big trip north.

We were meant to leave on the Monday 15th December to slowly make our way north…..well that didn’t happen cause we had to wait on our back springs.

Then we were meant to leave Friday but when David was looking at the Gears on Wednesday the Gear Box Parts {can’t remember what its called} broke. So he rang around and found a wonderful company in Port Kembla who spent all after noon Thursday and Friday putting their magic together on making a new part.

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Australia’s Best Nature Reserves

With its natural beauty, fascinating wildlife, and laid back vibe, it’s no wonder that a trip to Australia is many people’s lifelong dream. And as the saying goes – if you can dream it, you can do it! Nowadays, it’s possible for visitors to get great value late deals, so your holiday of a lifetime is well within reach.

Australia offers every kind of natural landscape you could dream of. From dramatic red desert and golden beaches, to towering mountains and lush green forest, visitors will find inspirational views in every part of the country.

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In His Eyes

If you follow our facebook page you would have seen that I wrote this a few weeks back ::

“I have spent the day caring for a family who are dealing with domestic violence. I have cared for the sweet little boy who is only two years old. I have made the mother lunch and a cup of coffee. I have cared for the Father. I have stepped in between them. I have listened to both sides tell their story.

No one is going to benefit from what went on today and now his family is caring for the sweet little man.

So whats the point of what went on between the two adults because no one comes out a winner.

Domestic violence lets our kids down”

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Top 10 campervan parks in Australia

When it comes to campervan parks, the old adage about the “eye of the beholder” comes true. You really need to know what your priorities are: maybe you want a quiet park, maybe you are interested in proximity to amenities, or maybe you’re travelling with children and what somewhere safe for them to play.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, here are Top 10 campervan parks in Australia that you’ll love.

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Moving Abroad? Melbourne Dubbed “Most Livable City”

* Guest blog post written by Justin Greig

There are an estimated 6.3 million Americans living overseas and according to Expat Info Desk that number is growing, especially for younger people. The article reported the number of Americans ages 25 to 34 who plan to relocate abroad has rapidly increased in the past two years, jumping to 5.1 percent from less than 1. Forty percent of all Americans 18 to 24 expressed strong interest in moving out of the U.S. Whether it be for political reasoning, job relocation or simply a wanderlust urge, the fact is Americans are going global.

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