Travelling Tuesday :: Natural Learning

Our boys love the Rock Pools at beaches so when we headed down south a few weeks back we made sure to stop and explore the beaches down at Black Head Gerroa New South Wales. And we are so very glad we did stop….it was Natural Learning at its finest! And add our boys imagination and then you have some amazing memories.

Natural Learning ::

If you take the time to stop and look at the rocks the patterns tell a story, and you will be amazed at what you can learn as you walk slowly

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Staying At Frankston Melbourne

Staying At Frankston Melbourne

This is not a review on where we stayed (as in Hotels!) because I would never review a hotel that I would not recommend! But this is a review about Staying At Frankston Melbourne.

Hi-Lights Of Frankston

Those words “Location, Location, Location” are so very true. Frankston is about an hour from Melbourne City and is also near the most gorgeous beaches.

Going for a Scenic drive along the coast (from the navy base back to Frankston) took our breathe away. The curvey roads revealed more and more on each bend…looking out over the water it was so blue, so clear, the sand was a perfect colour and the little cute beach “Huts” gave it a mediterraean feel to the place.

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Another Day In Paradise

Yesterday I was able to sleep in, and was woken up with a coffee. I so love the smell of fresh coffee brewing in the morning!

We had a yummy breakfast – David had baked beans on toast and I had poached eggs with salsa on Rye Bread. A quick clean up of the kitchen and then out the door.

David wanted to do food shopping and I wanted a day out of the bus! We went to Lifeline first – its a really big one that I have wanted to look at for sometime. We spent about an hour there just looking around.

Another Day In Paradise Magical

David then dropped Cameron Kyle and I to Cotten Tree.

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Visiting My Favorite Place Plus Having Coffee With A Great Friend

Have you got a favorite place to visit? One you like to go to and have coffee and visit with a Great Friend? I love Mooloolaba. The beaches, the waterfront shops and the cafes, the people, the views, the playground, and good coffee….what more could a girl want?

Mooloolaba Beaches Cafes And People

Visting My Favorite Place Plus Having Coffee With A Great Friend

Do You Need A Holiday? We All Do!!

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