Glamping Not Camping Is Our Way Of Life

Glamping Not Camping Is Our Way Of Life

Not really…but its something that we have been talking about in the last few days. You see we are finally having fun with cooking in a big group of people! And we are having fun talking around late at night about different ways of travelling.

Glamping Not Camping

Is something that keeps coming into the conversation. Are we really living our lifestyle in a simple way, or are we living the glamours lifestyle? Well I reckon we are doing a bit of both. Not really living like the rich and famous (no bodyguards are needed here!) but we are not living the down n out lifestyle either.

Wonder where “Glamping Not Camping Is Our Way of Life” statement came from?

Glamping Is Our Way of Life

Camping is not what we are into. So the joke started the other night about how we are Glamping. We are so lucky that we have two more buses join us in the Caravan Park that we are staying in. And we are so lucky that they have Choofers as well as kids around our boys age!

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