Sorry We Are Still Here

Gosh this year is flying by! Just like 2013 did, and it looks like a full on 2014 for the Woody Family. Sorry We Are Still Here but haven’t been here on line for some time…..its not easy when your Kids jump into your Internet hack your passwords, using your whole month internet without permission and use it all up in less than one week instead of letting us Parents use it for the month.

So I have been offline with my computer work, but have been trying to keep our facebook page going, our instagram page going and we have been posting on YouTube! Mind you I had to delete our last Vlog because of our SLOW internet it would not upload correctly.

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Feeling The Pressure

Over the last few weeks a lot has taken place and a lot of changes have happened in our family……I am Feeling the Pressure from people close to me to change our way of living.

Yesterday was “Are You OK” day here in Australia. And really this post should have been written then.

And I am trying to let it go…..

I am trying not to think along their way of lifestyle…..

I am trying not to think about “Living The Normal Way” – mind you what is the normal way of living anymore?

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Help Im Lost And I Am Not Sure Which Direction To Head In

Help Im Lost And I Am Not Sure Which Direction To Head In

Today I woke up with so much going through my head – and a tooth ache! Yeah I know I so need to go the dentist but its one my true fears and I have lived with this sore tooth for many years, so a bit of Vegemite on the Gums and lots of water and I should be ok. But then I had those thoughts going through my head….

What am I doing with our blog, and which direction do I want to take it in? See I really need Help! I’m Lost And I Am Not Sure Which Direction To Head In – Do I keep blogging about travel, adventure, experiences or do I blog about our family – or do I blog about life in general. I look at many blogs and read a big variety of them – they sure are good with their style of writing and how they can draw a crowd in. Then I start to wonder….

What am I doing? I failed at English in High School, I never ever passed a spelling test and my English Teachers told me that I would never ever be able to write a story or a book and have someone read it!

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The Question Is What Are You Good At

The Question Is What Are You Good At

Not sure how to answer that one. Todays blog post is not easy for me to write – actually I have been trying to write it all morning….and I still have not got a glue how to answer The Question Is What Are You Good At?

Asking What Are You Good At

Is something that I would never thought about. But is a great idea that came from Laney at Crash Test Mummy for the theme of “March To Your Own Beat”. I really liked the idea of #marchownbeat as we sure do that with our lifestyle (living outside of the square and all that!)

So here goes :: What Am I Good At!

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How Can I Blog And Travel

The other day I was amazed to get the comment How Can I Blog And Travel? Well its easy….I love talking, I love writing and I love Travelling so why not combine all three? I want to connect with other like minded people, people from places like Italy, Thailand, America, Tasmania, England, France….and even in Australia!

How Can I Blog And Travel?

Easily! I blog after we have been out and about. I blog to the wee hours of the morning…if you have a blog I am sure you do the same! I blog when my boys are having quiet time after we have been out and about. Here is an example of us travelling to a farmers market the other day on the Sunshine Coast…

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Daves New Outlook

Where The Hell Has Dave Been

Lisa has told me that she has been asked on several occasions “where’s Dave”. Well I am back with a new outlook. Apart from working on our bus I have been spending a lot of time thinking and re-evaluating my life and how I want to live it. Lisa has kept me informed in the mean time of everyone’s positive comments whilst she has continued to keep everyone updated. To each and every one of you I would like to say thank you. Your support has meant a great deal to me.

Have I Just Had My Mid Life Crisis?

Some would call it a mid life crisis but personally I think that term is an absolute crock of you know what. To me it was an awakening or realisation that I was not being true to myself in some of the things that I was doing in my life and my perception of other aspects was somewhat jaded. The Instability created by the change from living a suburban lifestyle to home being wherever I park our bus certainly played a part in realising that I was not being true to myself. I was in the midst of realising a goal that I had set myself when I was still a teenager and I wasn’t even excited. It was at this point that I started to realise that something was wrong. Read more

Do You Have A Dream?

This is a different post from what I normally do here at New Life On The Road…but its so true to my passion in life that I wanted to share what we are up to in life and ask you Do You Have A Dream ?

How about Doing The Same Thing Expecting A Different Result? Are you wanting more out of life…more time, more family time, more quality time…you will want to read about the Family Freedom Breaking Free Program Click here to visit Tara.!

Do You Have A Dream For Your Life?

Do You Have a dream

Are You Dreaming Big Enough?

Recently I have been blogging at Learn How To Blog Site   and sharing a Learn How To Blog program that allows you to have a blog set up for you, and gives you step by step videos on how to blog with your own passion. I have been blogging for years and love how I can blog whenever were ever I want to (as long as we have Internet Connection!)

In those three years I have made so many silly mistakes…mistakes that cost us a lot of money but at the same time has taught me so much. I do not regret one minute of my learning curve over the last three years because it has taught me that I needed to have a dream!

What I do regret is the waste of time (and waste of income) that it has taken me to learn how to blog.

Do you want to take the short cut to success? Then CLICK on the image below…its that easy 🙂

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New Life On The Road Free Competition

Welcome to the very first New Life On The Road Free Competition. This is Lisa here – David’s wife and my very first blog post for this website so I am super excited 🙂

Free Competition

Yesterday we were asked what our Nick Name was for our bus. I was a bit surprised by the question as I had not thought of one. It got me to thinking – I could easily come up with a name or David could but it would probably be very boring. So this competition is born. I was thinking about a way to get you to help with naming our bus and this video explains all….


New Life On The Road Competition Rules and Conditions.

  1. Blog about any topic on your website that will relate back to New Life On The Road. If you do not have a blog post set up yet then it is time to start. Use this free blog hosting site by clicking here.
  2. Include one link in your blog/website back to our website.
  3. Remember to think of a groovy bus name and include your choice in your blog post.
  4. Jump over to here to join the face book fan page or if you have already hit the “Like” button then say hello.
  5. Once you have your blog post live and ready for traffic then leave a comment on New Life on the road face book fan page
  6. Include your link back to your blog with your comment on the fan page
  7. I will then check out your site, read your post, write down your details onto my trusty paper and have your suggestion for our bus name next to your website details – waiting and ready for voting time.
  8. Once I have read your blog/website I will leave a comment and then will use handy SEO techniques to promote your site.
  9. There will be a page set up for this competition that will include all of your details. Check the page towards the end of the next week to see if you are there.
  10. If you do not see your details then jump back into the Face book fan page and let me know.
  11. Once the competition is closed I will let you all know.
  12. Then we will vote and one lucky person gets to nick name our bus.
  13. I will give you a free phone call to say congratulation to the winner and I will also use this and another different website to blog about your website – giving you more free traffic.

This is a competition that will give you traffic, give you a chance to explode your image and to also give our bus its Nick Name for the next year of traveling – so have fun, give us some really wonderful names to choose from and looking forward to seeing you shine 🙂


Lisa Wood

PS:- If you do have any questions and I have not made sense with the above instructions then jump onto the Face Book Fan Page for New Life On The Road and I will answer them.

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