Bond Store Museum Maryborough

I know that I was meant to share our day down in Maryborough weeks ago, but I am not sure why, I just cant seem to get myself motivated to get online at the moment and blog! I am feeling like there is no point, cause how many people are reading these posts anyway??

Which brings me to the question – Do you read New Life on the Road blog? Are you are new reader, or an old time reader {following our journey for sometime?} Would love to know you, where are you when you are reading the blog posts? What are you doing in your life at the moment?

Bond Store Museum Maryborough ::

When Cameron had to be down in Maryborough for his end of Year March Out Parade David, Kyle and I decided that we had to fill in the time with something interesting – Cameron had to be at the Parade Grounds by 10.30 am and then we didn’t have to be back there until later afternoon.

I looked up where to go, and realised that the Bond Store Museum Maryborough would be ideal, along with the War Museum which was across the road. And I am sure glad we did because if you are ever in Marborough then we highly recommend getting the Pass to see all three attractions – Customs House Interpretive Centre {which unfortunately for us wasn’t open that day}, Bond Store Museum, Maryborough Military and Colonial Museum.

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