Donut Boyz Wickham

If you are ever in Brisbane {for work or play} and happen to walk past The Wickham then you so need to stop in at Donut Boyz and get yourself a Donut {or two}.

We were walking past there a few months back and when David spotted what they had on display in the Donut Boyz Wickham shop front he had to buy one! And was given a taste test of so many, I am really surprised we only ended up having one.

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The Beginning of a New Life

He made it! That is (for those that are new to here) our oldest son has made it into the Navy. He was sworn in with an official ceremony today at 10.00 am. He is now in the navy and has 11 weeks of training ahead of him. The Beginning of a New Life is about to start for our son, and we are so proud!

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