Calliope Free Camping

Recently we planned a trip to visit one of our magical favorite camping spots up north because Kyle has been bugging us for ages to go Gold Fossicking and looking for gems. He even kept asking if he could pack a back pack and go by himself!

I kept having to tell him that at the age of 12 he isn’t allowed to go on a camping adventure all by himself but he doesn’t care about the fact that he isn’t yet over 18. And being a red hair, being a full on adventure fun loving child I am going to have to make sure that he doesn’t disappear on us! Yeah I think I will have to hide the Back Packs so that he doesn’t get any ideas.

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Adventure on P and O Pacific Jewel

I am still trying to share our wonderful trip on The P & O Pacific Jewel – we had four nights on it last year for our second son’s 21st Birthday and it was the best!

We now have the Cruise Bug and I am looking at so many different cruises and all of their deals, I so want to go on the Carnival as that looks like so much fun! Actually I don’t care which cruise line or where to, just want to go on more adventures.

Adventure on P and O Pacific Jewel

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Sunset On The Pacific Jewel

We had dinner every night as a family of 10 in the Restaurant – Hayden {our oldest} booked it as soon as we got on board the Pacific Jewel for 7.45pm every night.

And it was great to spend time with family over a meal, yet at the same time can you imagine how much fun it was trying to get all of our boys ready for showers, and dressed up in time! Yeah we were late nearly every night 🙂

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What Did You Write For Your New Years Resolution

I have never written out a New Years Resolution – not ever! I have never wanted to nor thought about it. Until this year 2012. I have a feeling that this is going to be a big year for our family, friends, and for all travellers.

What Did You Set For New Years Resolution?

There are many people who make the new year a start of something – be it a new job, lose weight, become more fiancally rich or think about changing something in their life (lifestyle).

Yet I have never thought to write one out. Maybe its because I am not into writing into a diary – but then again a blog is an online diary!

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Your Bucket List

If I was to ask you the question “If Money Was No Object, and You Could Ask For Anything, What Would it be”? Let go of the fears, let go of the money, let go of anything…..if you were to think Big and Dream Big what would you add to Your Bucket List?

Your Bucket List Created

Your Bucket ListThis is going to be a totally different blog post….one that I have never ever done before! I want you guys to write it… this is not going to be me telling you what our bucket list is about but rather we want to know what you could add to Your Bucket List!

For this blog post to work its a FREE competition…where you all get to dream big.

You get to write what you want, you get to create your new life!

Think out side the square, and create a life that is totally different from what you are living right this minute in time.

Think like you are already living what you are dreaming about.

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