Chinese New Year In Bundaberg

Yesterday we went to the Chinese New Year in Bundaberg celebrations. Incredible. Amazing, Talented. Brave. Performers, singing, acrobats, dancing, costumes – Culture and languages. The Moncrieff Entertainment Centre provided a Free Performance {Live on stage} to celebrate The Year Of The Monkey.

Which we have worked out – David and I are NOT compatible according to the Chinese Zodiac Signs, funny how we are going on 21 years anniversary in March this year!

Chinese New Year ::

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Bargara to The Lighthouse

On Australia Day I wanted to cross off a Bucket List adventure that I have been wanting to do for sometime. Its a long walk from Bargara to The Lighthouse – one website said it was a 90 minutes walk there and back! Well I am sorry but we took 2 hours to walk one way. And it was so very hot by the end of our walk but so very worth it. David dropped us off at Bargara and went to The Lighthouse carpark.

Then he started walking towards us – we actually meet up with him sooner then he expected and was shocked to see how much we had walked. After wards we thought that we could have easily walked there and back, if it wasn’t so very hot mind you.

Yeah we got burnt that day but gee we had so much fun.

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Riverside Parklands Bundaberg

Last week, or was it the week before? Can’t remember as time is going fast! We went into a Homeschooling event at the Ice-skating rink, and then afterwards to the Bundaberg Library.

Our next stop was lunch, which we buy from Targo Bakery as they have the best food for prices in the town of Bundaberg. Cameron loves his Sushi from there, and Kyle loves his Pies! I have tried their Vegetable Pies which are delicious even though they are not gluten free.

We did take away, and headed to Riverside Parklands in Bundaberg to eat lunch, and then to explore the water walk ways.

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New Years Eve Bundaberg

We went into Bundaberg for New Years Eve! Can’t believe I still haven’t shared our night till now, talk about the year going bye far too fast 😉

We sat in our Campervan, backed it up to the Burnett River, and sat waiting for the Fireworks. Having dinner together, and playing! It was amazing to think 2015 was finishing and 2016 was about to begin. We have done so much in the last year, and we have so many plans for this year! Can’t wait to share what we have in store for our next adventure – its going to take a lot of planning thats for sure.

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Shipping Container House At The Hummock

Do you know we have never ever been to The Hummock Lookout all those years we used to come up here for holidays! Now we are trying to explore and see as much of Bundaberg as Possible before the next chapter of our life {still have no idea when that beings!!!}

When I saw a online article about a Shipping Container House At The Hummock I was keen to have a look at it. We have been to the Eat Streets Market because its all made out of Shipping Containers, and we also have our own Shipping Container {with David’s Tools in it} so Shipping Containers appeal to our family.

And we drove up to the house as it started to rain….

The owner was outside, doing some landscape work. I politely asked him if I could take some Pictures of his unique beautiful house. He was fine with that, and then before we knew it both David and I was shown inside of the Shipping Container house. He was super friendly.

Oh wow what a Stunning Home…Its Five Shipping Containers from Brisbane, and its big enough for his Motorhome to fit in underneath it.

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Shell Questacon Bundaberg

Can’t remember when we went into the Bundaberg Markets at Shalom College {it was probably awhile ago} but we went for two reasons…one was to get Fruit/Veggies and the other one was because the travelling Shell Questacon was in Bundaberg and we wanted to make sure our boys {oh and David} checked it out.

Shell Questacon Bundaberg ::

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Breast Cancer Afternoon Tea

A few weekends ago….or at least three weekends ago….Kyle and I went to a Breast Cancer Afternoon Tea {Fundraiser} at his Grandparent’s Church in Bundaberg. Another gorgeous Church member put together the most amazing room ever…and it was all pink {my favorite colour!}

Church Hall Decorated For The Breast Cancer Afternoon Tea::

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The Hummock

Last Weekend we went to the Markets in Bundaberg and then heading to The Hummock because I wanted to see the view, and to check out the Shipping Container House {gosh that was amazing, will share more pics and details soon}. We got more then we bargained for!

The Hummock

The lookout can be driven to by car, and then there is a section where you can walk up. I was keen to do the walk after standing there looking out over the cane fields.

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