The Swallowed Anchor

While I was down in Sydney {for my Diploma of Remedial Massage} I kept harassing my oldest son to take us down to The Swallowed Anchor for either Lunch or Dinner time, just so I could cross it off our bucket list! And also to support another cafe down in Wollongong.

And I am so glad I kept at him until he took us, he didn’t tell us we were going, it was a surprise! Considering it was my birthday while I was down there, and his Birthday, we could call it a late combined birthday celebration, but really it was just a great place to relax and to eat at!

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Visiting My Favorite Place Plus Having Coffee With A Great Friend

Have you got a favorite place to visit? One you like to go to and have coffee and visit with a Great Friend? I love Mooloolaba. The beaches, the waterfront shops and the cafes, the people, the views, the playground, and good coffee….what more could a girl want?

Mooloolaba Beaches Cafes And People

Visting My Favorite Place Plus Having Coffee With A Great Friend

Do You Need A Holiday? We All Do!!

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Restaurants In Bundaberg

A few times David and I have been out for dinner, without our five boys! Once it was because of our Wedding Anniversary, and another time for my birthday. Its not often we go out as just us two, because usually we like to go out as a family. Both times were a huge disappointment as we have yet to come across any nice Restaurants In Bundaberg – where the food and services are both so good that you could recommend the place to another person!

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