Queensland Heritage Park

After we stayed overnight at Calliope Free Camp we headed to a very special place. You see we wanted to stop into where David’s Dad grew up. But before that we thought we would see if the information centre at Biloela to see if there was any information about his family in that area.

The lovely lady in Queensland Heritage Park had a history book on all of the families in the surrounding area of Biloela and also took David through the Museum to see if the “Wood” family was up on the wall with information and pictures.

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Myall Lakes National Park

After our busy weekend in Sydney {yeah I am still playing catch up with our trip down South which was years ago – Joking – before our next adventure!} – With our older son’s engagement party and Vivid Sydney we had two nights free before our next booked accommodation. So David decided to look at our Camps 7 Book and check out Myalll Lake National Park and see if we could stay there for two nights.

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Childhood Dreams

Over the weekend we were invited to a friends place, for a BBQ dinner, Pit Fire, Good times, Lots of laughter, great friends and yummy food. It was a weekend full of Childhood Dreams where kids got to play, create, explore and roam free, get dirty, stay up way past their bed time and be allowed to be kids. It was a Birthday celebration weekend, and one that we all enjoyed!

Its the stuff us parents used to do when we were small – you know, getting dirty, laughing with our friends, running free without the worries about anything happening to us- all set on acreage so we knew where all of our kids were and yet they had the freedom that we all took for granted! Its the stuff where friendships are made……

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Happy Easter From Us To You

We were offline for the Easter Break. Only because we had to be at David’s Family Farm and there is hardly any internet out there, its so very slow that I could walk faster and I realised that we had way too much to do for the weekend to worry about trying to get online.

And to be honest I really “liked” the offline time. It gave me a sense of freedom, and a sense of reconnecting with family members.

We would like to say Happy Easter From Us To You all, hope the Easter Bunny could find you no matter where you all were.

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Milton Showgrounds New South Wales

We were trying to leave early on the Tuesday 22/10/13 but things happen and we ended up leaving later in the afternoon! We thought about staying and leaving early Wednesday morning – sleeping in our own beds and starting our trip with better sleep – yet if we had of done that then our trip would have been even faster than what it was.

It was around 4.30pm when we got on the road – we drove as far as Milton Showgrounds New South Wales, pulling up in the Dark. Lucky we had already sourced out places to stop along the way through our Camps 6 Book, David never likes to set up in the dark cause he likes to know what he is parking on and what is under the tent. Guess you could say it all worked out fine cause I am here to write about our trip!

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What To Pack When Going Camping

Yes we are going camping! And I can’t wait….if you had told me a few years back that I would one day be off camping, and looking forward to it, I would have said you are nuts!

But here we are, buying camping gear, getting clothes sorted and wondering what to do about food, taking our own drinking water, and trying to work out how many nights away we can sneak in (before we must return back to our motorhome)!

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