Child Safety Tips

A few days ago I started to ask “What are we going to do while travelling Australia for our boys with Child Safety?”¬† I have never had to really ¬†think about Child Safety Tips or hints before because we are situated on property and I always thought my boys were safe. The other day sure proved me wrong!

Child Safety Tips Are Needed

As a family that is about to Travel Around Australia I need all the advice and tips that I can get with regards to Child Safety Tips. Here is what happened to bring me to ask for everyone’s advice…….

What Do You Suggest?Child Safety Tips

What are your experiences with Child Safety Tips? I have not had to worry about this before because usually my boys play within a fence and or I can hear where they are playing. This is the first time that one of my boys were approached by a stranger in a car, and the first one of boys went to the car after the guy told him to! It has really freaked me out – would love to hear what your thoughts are and what you do to keep your children safe while travelling.



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