Christmas Tree Lights

This Year our Christmas plans are up in the air – we have no idea where we are going to be nor do we have any idea who we are going to be spending it with! And I kinda like it, its almost like we are going to be free to do what we want for the Christmas holidays and decide at the last minute which is something that makes me super excited.

I like the unknown. I like not making plans, and going with the flow! I like letting the universe decide for us what we will be doing instead of having to please everyone.

I do know that we have the same thoughts as a few years ago – ┬áthat Christmas Means More than about Gifts

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The Best Christmas Lights Ever

There is a house in Bundaberg that has lights every single year….not sure how long they have doing the lights display in their yard and house but I do know that its been there for at least 10 years!

The Best Christmas Lights Ever ::

The owners actually leave most of it set up, and only stores what can not be left out through out the year….still I reckon that it would take a very long time to place all of the decorations out. And to create such magical scenes! They have the most amazing front window where there is a snow scene – I reckon its The Best Christmas Lights Ever for the Bundaberg area!

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