Saying Goodbye To Family

Today we had to say Goodbye. And I am not good at Saying Goodbye to Family – I cry. Every. Single. Time.  I promise myself not to cry and within minutes of the hugs with the boys I start crying. Wished I wasn’t such a baby!

I am not sure why I thought we had more time with them – the days just flew bye far too fast. And I didn’t even get to give any of them massages because I kept thinking we had another day with them.

Last night we celebrated Nicholas 17th Birthday party earlier then his actual day – Still can’t believe he turned 17 already. I put the candles on his Lemon Meringue Pie last night, and almost stopped at 15 candles but then had to think about how old he was turning!

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Merry Christmas To You All

I still can’t believe that its Xmas Day, and to be honest it doesn’t feel like Christmas at all. Even leading up to Xmas I didn’t feel the spirit and only finished shopping yesterday. I guess it was cause of our mad dash run to get to our location!

But I wanted only one thing today, and that was to spend time with my family.

To spend good quality fun time with lots of memories created for years to come – I didn’t want any expensive gifts, and I didn’t want anything wrapped under the tree. Cause what I want you can’t buy…..I wanted my boys with me.

And I got four out of five of them here, with a phone call from our oldest. My Xmas wish came true.

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We Are Back And Forth

So very sorry that I have not been here for some time…..I am finding it hard to breath at the moment, and don’t have enough hours in the Day.

Actually I can’t remember what day it is unless I ask our boys how many more sleeps to Santa Claus is here. You see I am back and forth between Wollongong and Sydney. And I am trying to keep everything running smoothly before Family arrive tomorrow night yet I am not sure that I am doing the best Job I can.

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The Best Gingerbread House Ever

We have the most amazing talented friend ever, and I feel guilty!! She made us The Best Gingerbread House Ever and yet I was not expecting it.

Actually I feel like I should be sending something in return but yet I still can’t figure out what could make up for such talent!! The details gone into the Gingerbread house is something I have never ever seen before….

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I Am In Denial

I love this time of the year. Normally. I get so excited and I can’t wait to the actually day…but this year as I sit here thinking about what I should be doing to have Presents ready in time for the big day I Am In Denial.

Its not allowed to be only 14 days till Christmas??? No way!

I have not purchased any gifts for our boys, nor how I thought about what to get David. And you know what I don’t seem to care – I am not making a list, and not checking it twice…

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Christmas Cards 2013

This year {2013} for the very first time I have felt the need to send out Christmas Cards. I am not sure why? I am not sure what’s behind the reason but its like I have wanted an offline connection with our online friends, reconnect with our family and friends and add more friends to the list!!

I love the idea of sending a gift so maybe that is one reason why I wanted to send out Christmas Cards 2013, and maybe its because I am getting a little bit older and wiser 🙂

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Christmas Tree Lights

This Year our Christmas plans are up in the air – we have no idea where we are going to be nor do we have any idea who we are going to be spending it with! And I kinda like it, its almost like we are going to be free to do what we want for the Christmas holidays and decide at the last minute which is something that makes me super excited.

I like the unknown. I like not making plans, and going with the flow! I like letting the universe decide for us what we will be doing instead of having to please everyone.

I do know that we have the same thoughts as a few years ago –  that Christmas Means More than about Gifts

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What This Christmas Has Taught Our Family

This Christmas (2011) is not what I had imagined for our first year in our Motorhome! But it has helped to re-confirm, refocus and taught me (and my family) more than I thought possible.

Christmas Family Moments

You see I had thought we would be down south by now. Visiting new places. Discovering new adventures. Not returning to home base without our Motorhome!!

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