Lest We Forget In Clermont

While we stayed camping in Clermont we got out and about on Sunday. Exploring the Playground that was in the town. We decided to go for a walk along the lagoons before we headed back to the car!

Lest We Forget

There was a huge amount of war Memorial information on Boards and even a statue of the late Bill Sing. From Billboards sharing history to facts n figures and then the most amazing discovery waiting to be found……..

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Centenary Park Clermont :: Means Fun For Kids!

On Sunday we started to explore the Clermont area! With three very excited boys we had purchased a Gold Mining Kit plus we purchased a Gold Pan, the previous day, with the intention of spending the day looking at the designated General Permission Areas.

With the attention span that they all have, we spent a few hours Gold Mining! David even found a speck of gold ~ mind you if you blinked you would miss seeing the speck. Even though it was far too small we have kept it in a zip locked sandwich bag, with the date/place written on it with Permanent Marker. After all it was a moment in time where we created another experience for our family!

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