Cooking Dinner On Our Choofer

David loves cooking. He creates meals out of the raw ingredients that could easily be added to menu’s in Restaurants, or even in a Food Van! I think he is wasting his cooking skills but we are working towards sharing them soonish. The following dish was a Creamy Mustard Vegetarian meal that was the best we have ever eaten! I think its because of the “Woody” smokey taste to the dish!

We have shared Making Dinner Outside The Motorhome before – cooking our favourite dishes and sharing them! As soon as we got our Motorhome back we all were keen to have our Choofer out of the Boot and our boys collected the wood from the paddock asap so that we could fire it up!

Cooking Dinner On Our Choofer ::

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BBQ Chicken Cooked By David

Last Tuesday I drove up to pick up Cameron and Kyle from their Grandparents. I stayed over night and came home late Wednesday. When I pulled up I could see David was cooking dinner, on the BBQ that comes in our Fully Furnished Apartment.

BBQ Chicken Cooked By David ::

He cut the chicken in half so that when he was cooking it he could dribble all of the Home Made Dressing over it, making it tender and adding so much new yummy flavours when we were eating it! Wished I knew his secret home made dressing that he whipped up.

I do think that he is missing our Choofer way of cooking, he loved to Make Dinner Outside of our Motorhome

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Sex Hotels

* If you are under 18 years of age, or if you are one of my sons, please do not read the following!!!*

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Last night David and I went out for dinner, and yep we had a great time. Adult time – enjoying our meal in peace and quiet. With no-one asking for our attention. And I got to enjoy two cocktails plus my all time favorite drink. We went to Hogs Breath Cafe, then to Coffee Club for Dessert, and then onto a Hotel/Pub for more drinks.

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What To Have For Dinner :: When I Cant Be Bothered

Some times I so couldn’t be bothered cooking dinner especially when there is only Cameron, Kyle and I at home! Tonight was one of those nights where I kept asking (our family) What Should We Have For Dinner?

Our Easy Meal

What To Have For Dinner When I Cant Be Bothered….when really our boys can’t have anything unless it’s cooked fresh? Damn stupid preservatives, colours and all that – why the hell do companies make food with such garbage ingredients?

Well I Found Pizza!

I found Pizza that our boys can eat and they (Fingers are crossed) shouldnt show any side effects tomorrow……..

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