Do You Have A Plan For Your Life

When Plan A doesn’t work do you have a plan B that you can fall back on? Do you have an idea of what is going to happen in your life and a time frame for those events to take place?

I am not really good at meeting deadlines or organising my life! I used to leave all of my studies and projects to the very last-minute, even when I was in year 12 of high school.

Not Much Has Changed

I still leave letters to important people to the very last-minute.

I still put off what I am not good at till I have almost ran out of time.

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Do You Have A Dream?

This is a different post from what I normally do here at New Life On The Road…but its so true to my passion in life that I wanted to share what we are up to in life and ask you Do You Have A Dream ?

How about Doing The Same Thing Expecting A Different Result? Are you wanting more out of life…more time, more family time, more quality time…you will want to read about the Family Freedom Breaking Free Program Click here to visit Tara.!

Do You Have A Dream For Your Life?

Do You Have a dream

Are You Dreaming Big Enough?

Recently I have been blogging at Learn How To Blog Site   and sharing a Learn How To Blog program that allows you to have a blog set up for you, and gives you step by step videos on how to blog with your own passion. I have been blogging for years and love how I can blog whenever were ever I want to (as long as we have Internet Connection!)

In those three years I have made so many silly mistakes…mistakes that cost us a lot of money but at the same time has taught me so much. I do not regret one minute of my learning curve over the last three years because it has taught me that I needed to have a dream!

What I do regret is the waste of time (and waste of income) that it has taken me to learn how to blog.

Do you want to take the short cut to success? Then CLICK on the image below…its that easy 🙂

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