Happy Easter From Us To You

We were offline for the Easter Break. Only because we had to be at David’s Family Farm and there is hardly any internet out there, its so very slow that I could walk faster and I realised that we had way too much to do for the weekend to worry about trying to get online.

And to be honest I really “liked” the offline time. It gave me a sense of freedom, and a sense of reconnecting with family members.

We would like to say Happy Easter From Us To You all, hope the Easter Bunny could find you no matter where you all were.

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My Family Makes Me Happy :: Easter Weekend

I was happily surprised to hear from my Older Son on Thursday who let me know he was coming down for the Easter Weekend. Then I asked if he had spoken to my two brothers to see what they were doing for Easter. Before I knew it they all planned to come for Easter and spend the weekend with us – three extra men in my life sure meant I was totally out numbered.

And totally in love with all of them ~ I was over the moon happy. My Family Makes Me Happy and to have all of them for the Easter Weekend was the most amazing adventure ever.

Nothing can compete with having my two brothers and older son with us – I actually helped raise my brother David because I was about 13 when he was born and he was looked after by me a lot while our parents worked.

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