Sorry We Are Still Here

Gosh this year is flying by! Just like 2013 did, and it looks like a full on 2014 for the Woody Family. Sorry We Are Still Here but haven’t been here on line for some time…..its not easy when your Kids jump into your Internet¬†hack your passwords, using your whole month internet without permission and use it all up in less than one week instead of letting us Parents use it for the month.

So I have been offline with my computer work, but have been trying to keep our facebook page going, our instagram page going and we have been posting on YouTube! Mind you I had to delete our last Vlog because of our SLOW internet it would not upload correctly.

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New Facebook Rules :: I No Longer Like You

I have to write this letter, it needs to be done. You used to be my best friend, my one true buddy. Someone I could wake up to and turn on, now I am no longer seen by you?

New Facebook Rules

So with the New Facebook Rules I No Longer Like You. I dont. Its really true….I loved how easy it was to share my news, my pictures and my blog posts. Now unless I pay you, you ignore me and hide my status updates??? Whats with that!! Why should I have to pay you when before you were free.

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What A Week We Have Had Online

This week I have been tested for sure! But its be in a good way. At first we lost New Life on the Road for two whole days. Everyone was amazing with how much support that they were giving us, and offering heaps of hints n tips on what to do to get if fixed!

Thanking David Moloney from Small Business Planned who suggested to David that it was a plug-in issue!

What A Week We Have Had Online

Yes. David Moloney. Was. Right! It was a Plug-in Issue.

So hubby Dave took every Plug-in away and one by one added them back in. As soon as we added the sharing plug-in “Digg Digg” it cause havoc¬†once again with our blog. So for now we have no sharing buttons – no twitter buttons, no digg buttons, no Stumble Upon buttons, no Facebook like buttons.

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