Happy 14th Birthday Cameron

Its been awhile since we all celebrated his Birthday but I have only now started to look back on his Pictures and reflect on his special day.

I have shared his special Birth Day before, and can’t believe how much he has grown! He is getting taller {finally} and is turning into a young man. The hormones have kicked in, yeah we are looking at boxing classes/Karate Classes to help with the excess energy.

This year we had their Cousin Brian with us {he was visiting Grandma/Grandad – we organised him to come up as a surprise} and of course Cameron asked for his Favorite Dinner and David cooked him a wonderful cake. We did forget Candles, but we did sing Happy Birthday.

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The Best Surprise Ever

Sorry I have been very quiet on here! But I was very busy keeping a secret from my family. A few people knew my secret, and the weekend was a success and so much fun, I am so very grateful for my boys! My second son made my Delayed Mothers Day Gift – the best ever this year, with a trip from Brisbane to Sydney possible to attend my Oldest Woody Son’s Surprise 21st Birthday Party.

At first we both thought that we {David and I} would be missing out on our Oldest Son’s Surprise 21st Birthday Party and I was so very upset that I wasn’t going to be there for the big event. And I had tried many different ways to make it possible for us all to go but with Studying, David’s working and not having anyone to look after our younger two the best solution was for me to fly down for the weekend, and spend it with family.

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Australia Day 2014

We have now been here in Wollongong for one year…yeah we arrived around Australia Day 2013 for our second son to attend Tafe…..gosh how time has gone by and how much we have done in that one year!

Can you believe that we started out here with “Sunsets” and then moved to “Our New Backyard

So glad that we spent Australia Day 2014 at the exact spot we parked at last year. We spent it with our second son who came home for the weekend {was so good to spend time with him}

And we had a great day watching our boys having fun, at the beach and then had a BBQ lunch next to our Camper Van!

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Celtic Woman Wollongong

Last night Nicholas, Nicholas Girlfriend, Cameron, Kyle and I was brave enough to head into Wollongong in Peak Hour Traffic {thankfully its nothing Like Sydney or Melbourne Traffic!!} to meet up with my family to see Celtic Woman at the Wollongong Win Entertainment Centre.


There Is Not Much I Can Say!

There Is One Thing ~ Go And SEE THEM 🙂

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We Are Back And Forth

So very sorry that I have not been here for some time…..I am finding it hard to breath at the moment, and don’t have enough hours in the Day.

Actually I can’t remember what day it is unless I ask our boys how many more sleeps to Santa Claus is here. You see I am back and forth between Wollongong and Sydney. And I am trying to keep everything running smoothly before Family arrive tomorrow night yet I am not sure that I am doing the best Job I can.

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What Does Family Mean To You

Today was so full on. Yet it wasn’t. Does that make sense? Probably not….it was full on because I am dealing with head space at the moment as well as power work. Are you wondering what “Head Space” means? Well I was reading a blog post (from one of my favorite bloggers) the other day and I noticed the words “Rent Space in your head“…. I really get what Caz was saying in the content. If you want to also connect with Caz at Mojito Mother and see what an amazing writer she is then please jump on over.

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So Much To Do So Little Time

Getting on the road is exciting, and its all I have wanted to do since June last year! I have had a dream of showing our boys all there is to Australia…..I have had that dream for so long! Its amazing what happens when you have a dream , a vision, and a why. If your why is big enough, strong enough then it will come true. The dream will become a reality yet we still have So Much To Do So Little Time in which to get it all done!

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